One of the most exciting projects ever

We have already talked to you in this blog of Isla Blanca, a Veronese brand that produces hand-painted t-shirts of the highest quality.
Today we want to tell you the behind the scenes of this collaboration, born almost by chance. A real adventure, in which we had to deal with various problems that have made it perhaps one of the most stimulating projects ever.

Aldo and Stefano, the founders, turn to Happy Brain with a “homemade” site worthy of the best scary film and a single pilot collection to be launched on the market. As we have already told you in our success cases section, we initially deal with a photo shoot and the website with an e-commerce module.

The early days are hard, the public does not know the brand, fails to perceive the quality of the product and therefore does not justify the price.
The designs are few and studied on an imagined target only.
Without beating around the bush… The result is not promising and everyone knows they would like it to rain purchases the day after going online.
Isla Blanca is convinced that we are the solution anyway and does not give up.

Passionate about the project, now also with the management of social media, let’s tidy things up.
We contact bloggers, publish ads and invent promotional strategies to bring the consumer closer.

It is the time of the second collection with new artists and the first timid purchases arrive.
At the same time, we are taken by the shooting of the third collection because fashion is known to be strange and never stops.
We rush to the pool … T-shirts are a summer product so we have to pretend that it is hot even if it is 15 degrees and the models are horrified at the idea of even putting one foot in the water. The sun is not there at the beginning, so we have to turn on the headlights, but in post-production everything goes smoothly.

It does not matter, however, because we are convinced that this is the right collection, that of the turning point.
We see it from the drawings, which we are sure they will like. We understand this from the numbers of the site, which are on the rise. This is confirmed by the multiplying points of sale.

So today, a year later from our post, we present the SS17 collection because it is the one of celebrations, of phone calls to congratulate without any reason, of being proud to do this job because we have all dreamed and chosen it.
We want to say one thing to all fans of numbers: in these first three months of 2017 Isla Blanca sold more than anything last year! Customers come back and write to tell us the products are great.

To us at Happy Brain and to you at Isla Blanca we say Chapeau;)