Move Shop is one of our customers most attentive to news and trends in online sales.

The latest news is the quick view that allows you to view all the product details directly from the lists.
This solution allows you to optimize the comparison phase between different items before purchase, view the available sizes, any promotions and discount codes.
This is accompanied by the new advanced filter system. A feature that allows a more selective search, a revolution for a store that has more than 10,000 products. Using the filters is very simple, thanks to a super smart guided system which, depending on the choice, eliminates the options that are not available.

A live search will also be released shortly, which will help the user in the free search phase.
In fact, items linked with the letters typed will be offered in order to reach the product to be purchased more quickly.

We are Move Shop’s partner in crime (technologically speaking): every day we invent one to improve your shopping experience.