Reliability, competence and customer support.

The company was founded in 1991, and since then it has never lost an opportunity to evolve, with the aim of optimizing work performance and enhancing the management of all activities to be able to offer its customers an excellent service. This is why Computec Manager was born, a software able to manage the repair service. The product has been developed ad hoc for their specific business needs and is able to meet all the needs of data entry, control and updating for repair procedures. The team can easily manage service requests, view internal notifications and check repair status for each customer.


All data is archived, creating a history for each customer. It is possible to consult from the list all the types of problems and the progress of the repairs. Management is facilitated by the user friendly control panel, which allows you to optimize the customer service process from start to finish. The data can be updated and a notification system has been created between collaborators to always keep abreast of any changes.
The panel is divided into 5 macro sections, to simplify management and have total control over the progress of the work in progress. From the dashboard it is possible to have a general overview of company activity, while in the section dedicated to customers you can view all the names and add new ones in a few steps.

For a company like Computec it is important to have an effective management system that is able to organize the work.
The use of good software is important to ensure that business activities proceed smoothly, and to keep the general trend of the company under control. In addition, to avoid having to deal with problems related to inefficiency, waste of time and resources, human errors and everything that can affect, and damage, the organization of work and production.
Finally, it is a valuable resource for complete and constant monitoring of customers, with the aim of increasing their satisfaction through uniform procedures and processes.