Creativity Made in Bassano

Le Ceramiche di Bassano del Grappa creates unique and creative products, using the great experience it possesses in the field of craftsmanship of ceramics.

The company opposes the production of objects in series, anonymous and all the same, offering pieces of craftsmanship of which to appreciate the beauty of imperfections, which make them exclusive and inimitable items. Products dedicated to all tables in the world, to enrich dishes and amaze diners.

Their company philosophy was the inspiration for the design of the site, developed to measure.


Restyle E-commerce

The main need was to make e-commerce responsive, and therefore adapt it to the basic requirements for a contemporary website. We then analyzed the customer’s needs and developed a platform based on their requests that could be performing and functional for the management of the online store. Among the objectives, the focus was to optimize the user experience, facilitating the navigation and the customer’s purchasing process. The mega menu shows in detail the types of products available and guides the user in the targeted search. The ease of navigation is also enhanced by the advanced filter system that allows you to find the desired object in just a few clicks.

Shop 360

Resellers can also purchase from the site. If authenticated on the site, they can purchase the products on conditions reserved for them. All orders are then collected and managed on the same platform, optimizing the internal management process.


Thanks to the integration of Aftership, the customer can track the package throughout the shipment period and receive continuous updates on the delivery status. A solution that guarantees the safety of procedures and increases the credibility of the company.


Integration of Brain Tree, a platform that manages credit cards (without activating a virtual POS service with your bank) and PayPal in a single environment with secure data collection interfaces also optimized for mobile.


For an increasingly smart business management, a revenue monitoring system has been integrated, which makes it possible to compare the cost of production with respect to the selling price.