Giant in name and in fact

Gianna Nannini’s L’Amore Gigante floods the world with 15 songs, such as the single Fenomenale, already a hit on YouTube and on the radio. The record, the 18th of the rocker from Siena, was released on October 27th and contains unreleased songs also signed with Annalisa, Francesco Bianconi (Baustelle) and Pacifico.

Gianna Nannini presented the new album with an exclusive event at the Apollo Club in Milan, to which we were invited.
Among the participants Chiara, Lorenzo Fragola and Annalisa of Xfactor. Simona Ventura also came by to say goodbye to the Italian rocker.

Amore Gigante is an adventure between the artist’s moods through traces that mirror the soul. Each piece has the depth of a sincere, passionate and intimate story at the same time.
It embraces all kinds of love. An important album for my writing. Easier in composition, more direct in language. Absolutely pop, even if my voice continues to be rock.”

An unmistakable voice that has become one of the symbols of Italian rock.
It is already more than four years that we at Happy Brain have been collaborating with this extraordinary artist “against”, independent, transgressive, biting, committed to the social.
Gianna intrigues, amazes, shakes, moves, enchants and bewitches. Last year, on her official Facebook page, she dedicated a special thanks to us for the Gioca Gianna application.