Order, please!

Geometric shapes have already made their appearance among the web trends since 2016, but it is this year that they climb to the top of the rankings.
Lines, circles and polygons are one of the key elements of flat design and material design. They then appear as a background pattern in combination with other minimal decorative elements.
Waves and oblique motifs become the key to a new and soft creativity that breaks tradition.

Break the Grid!

The grid division of the layout has always been present in web design, because it helps to give order and harmony. But never before has it been open to experimentation. New projects appear on the scene in which images and text elements drift apart. They come out of their spaces with unexpected but modern and revolutionary overlaps.

New life to the Fluo!

With 2018 the elements and the tops are increasingly distinct from each other and in pastel and delicate colors, strong colors and optical motifs are preferred up to now banned for the complicated relationship with our eyes and the monitor.
Fluo definitively becomes synonymous with digital, in projects full of energy and color. The use of vibrant colors has also favored the return of the nuance in lively backgrounds.
The spread of mobile has forced many web designers to review their layouts to increase the centrality of the call to action. The trend of this new year is to use the negative to make the conversion easier and more immediate.

If you don't know how to say it, draw it!

If we have long been accustomed to using icons to accompany texts that are used for SEO but no one really reads, now it’s time to make room for illustrations. More or less detailed are the key to expressing concepts, giving personality and character, immersing the user in your web project. There are many sketch art artists who are supporting companies in this path of updating to the new.

Animations? Yes, please!

In almost all platforms, from social networks to the most used messaging apps, there have been animated emoticons and GIFs for some time.
UI and UX design have been profoundly influenced, so much so that animated interactions are now indispensable and become the best way to give feedback, also visual, to user actions.
The addition of GIFs or videos helps to obtain an emotional involvement of the user, increasing the permanence and attention of those who visit the site.
And what about the scroll page? The parallax has almost completely disappeared, but the trending websites still do not give up moving the elements on the page.

Web + App = Progressive Web App

2018 saw the definitive overtaking of visits from mobile compared to traditional desktops.
This inevitably led to a merger between the two environments to try to bring some features closer.
Therefore, push notifications also arrive on the PC, the loading animations are increasingly similar to the splash screens of mobile apps and several sites, first of all Google, have introduced the offline mode which makes some features available even without a connection.

SVG, nevermore without!

The increasing popularity of retina screens obliges designers to pay particular attention to images and icons. They must have an excellent resolution in order to make the layout really impactful. The SVG has the advantage of being able to be enlarged and reduced without compromising quality.

Siri, are you there?

Although not strictly connected to the work of our web designers, we cannot avoid dedicating a few words to bots and chatbots.
The arrival of voice assistants has radically changed the way we search. Google knows that, first of all, has changed its algorithm to give greater relevance to content that includes question and answer formulas. It is not difficult to imagine a future, not too distant, in which the FAQ foresees a voice interaction with the user.
Many sites already integrate chatbot systems, as a pre-filter to customer care. We therefore suggest that you make a note on the subject and keep the antennas raised ready for the future integration of intelligent and increasingly interactive technology into your site.