What is it?

Born in beta as “Facebook at work”, Workplace is a multifunctional social platform for companies, companies and organizations and allows you to share ideas, collaborate and exchange skills.
It also allows collaboration between different groups of people and companies, facilitating communication between employees and partners.
The new platform launched by Facebook has the ambition to become the social network for companies by replacing the already existing internal corporate communication solutions.

Why Workplace?

Workplace has the same features as Facebook: bulletin board, groups, creating events and polls, sharing links and multimedia files, messaging service and video calls.

The greatest advantage is the possibility of instant interaction which, in the case of Workplace, cancels distances and promotes effective and simple communication. The aspects that differentiate Workplace are the privacy policy and the absence of advertising.

Workplace offers new functions designed specifically for corporate use such as the ability to share files and documents, replacing some activities via email. Each registered user has his own personal profile and a board on which he can share content.

In the premium version, system administrators have access to panels to enable and disable employee accounts and a reporting system on the use of the platform.

How much does it cost?

You can sign up for Workplace with your company email address, to ensure greater privacy and a clear distinction between your company profile and your personal one. Access is therefore completely unlinked from a Facebook account.

Workplace can be accessed from a browser by connecting to the URL assigned to your work environment during creation. Or from mobile using the app on both smartphones and tablets for iOS and Android.

Workplace offers two types of accounts. The standard version is free and, despite being limited in functions, it is perfect for starting to use the new social network. The premium account has an advantageous monthly rate compared to the market, which varies by the number of active users and starts at $ 3 per month.

Who is already on Workplace

After just 6 months, Workplace already had over 14,000 companies. Today, after a year, there are more than 30,000 companies. These include Booking, Spotify, Heineken, Walmart, Starbucks and the Italian companies Danone and Granarolo.