Are you a wannabe web designer?
Consider the Palladio Institute of Verona, it offers 8 different training courses closely related to graphics.
From this year on, the proposal becomes even more interesting, you will find Happy Brain as teacher of the “App Design” workshop.
A unique opportunity that allows students to develop a project like a true professional, going through all the challenges that arise in a real workplace.
The project manager of our agency will put her experience at your disposal, revealing the most precious best practices collected in years of career in the digital sector.

The aim of the course is to test aspiring designers, guiding them in the workflow of a real agency:

1. raccolta brief
2. identificazione di tempi e budget
3. pianificazione delle attività con definizione di milestone
4. creazione mockup iniziali di tutte le viste
5. design
6. coding

Each step is fundamental to the realization of the project and is addressed as Happy Brain could do with a new customer.
It allows students to test their commercial, organizational, creative and development skills; Being able to overcome one’s limits, motivating and enhancing the choices made for the realization of the project with a presentation at the end of the work.

Understanding and satisfying the most demanding requests, presenting a captivating product, motivating one’s choices, knowing how to present the project and re-entering the dead line, are just some of the challenges that a professional must know how to manage every day: in this training course they can be face them all!
A real training for young designers who, through this experience, will be able to have a more mature approach to the modus operandi of digital agencies.

The workshop score is assigned for creativity, relevance to the brief, coding and code cleaning, usability of the web app and an extra for all added pluses.
Evaluation is an essential component of our work: every day we are subjected to the judgment of people, and we must also know how to manage this aspect of the work. Knowing how to treasure external feedback, even if negative, is one of the most difficult but most useful resources to grow and improve in this area.

Are you curious now?
Then we show you a collage of the works done by the students in our last workshop held at the Palladio Institute.

We at Happy Brain believe that personal and professional growth comes from experience in the field, and it is precisely for this reason that, for the first time, we wanted to test ourselves as teachers. To give the opportunity to live a training experience that can make a difference. A plus in the baggage of aspiring designers who will be able to spend once they have landed in the working world.

The Palladio Institute of Verona was founded in 1983 and is officially accredited as a post-diploma higher education training institution.
For all people interested in enrolling, every year there is the Open Day, an open day to walk through the classrooms and talk to teachers and students!
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