Verona is the first city in Northern Italy to win the special edition of the most famous board game in the world: Monopoly.

The board is colored in yellow and blue and among the boxes not only streets, squares and monuments will end, but also the cultural, commercial and sporting excellence of the city of Verona.
The game will be ready for the month of November but during the wait Veronese and tourists will be involved in a long series of events that will end with the final episode of the great public launch.

The official announcement took place last month at the Verona City Hall, where Mayor Sboarina unveiled the first box on the board. This is Ponte Pietra, one of the most iconic places in the city.
After Rome and Naples, the first ones that managed to conquer the game board, Verona will end up in homes all over the world and will have the opportunity to spread its historical and architectural value.

However, Verona is not the only one to have beaten the competition. We at Happy Brain have also been selected among the competitors (at a local and national level) and have earned the title of Press Office & Event Manager for this edition.

After careful evaluation, Winning Moves UK, which owns the exclusive rights of Hasbro to create these special editions, has entrusted us with the task of implementing a strategy for the launch of the game and the spread of the news with activities of p.r. online and offline.

We were assigned the task of managing the relationship with the media and press office activities, creating an editorial calendar for the 8 months preceding the launch, planning posts on social profiles and interacting with likers.

A project that literally put us on the line as an agency and that, once again, made us proud to live and work in this beautiful city. A real team work, undertaken with great enthusiasm, which engages our team in the continuous creation of unpublished content for the promotion of all the activities developed ad hoc for Monopoly Verona.

A plan devised down to the smallest detail, which aims to raise the public’s curiosity and find alternative solutions to actively involve them in view of the launch event we are organizing.
On that occasion everyone will finally be able to discover the entire board, stop … and play!

The location chosen for this special event will remain a secret for a while yet, but by following the profiles of Monopoly – Verona Edition of Instagram and Facebook, you can stay up to date on all the news and initiatives planned.
Are you ready for the unexpected, the probabilities and the inevitable passage from the “Via”?