London Stock Exchange honors Nivaura

20 million to change the future of the financial market.

In the past we have already told you about our collaboration with Nivaura, a London company that offers innovative technological solutions to optimize the processes of the high finance market.

The future looks really interesting!
In fact, last February Nivaura obtained the grant from the London Stock Exchange of an importante finanziamento for the construction of a blockchain platform.

Reduce and simplify thanks to technology

The goal of Nivaura Connect is to reduce the procedural process for investors and brokers.
It will be possible to manage all the creation and trading processes in a simple, functional and above all transparent way, facilitating the work of the stock exchanges and the acquisition process by the investor.

There is now a complex network of investment banks that hold the money and investors who own the share certificates.
In the future, investors will be able to deal directly with the recipients of their investments while maintaining full control, without any intermediary.

The time to market for bonds, loans and capital will be reduced with this system by at least 60%.

The entire process of security creation, negotiation and interest settlement will be entirely recorded on the database, thus guaranteeing continuous traceability of movements.

Happy Brain and Nivaura

Nivaura Connect will be the result of a confirmed collaboration between our agency and Nivaura.

Specifically, we will deal with the study of interfaces with particular attention to interactions and navigation flows. As in the previous project, particularly appreciated by the London company, we will use our experience to provide UX solutions useful to simplify the different functionalities as much as possible.

The official presentation of the software will be on the London Stock Exchange, in the meantime we get to work, but we will keep you updated on our social channels!