How to communicate effectively with a generation waiting to be discovered.

Before creating an effective communication strategy, it is essential to know the target audience.
What approach should we use if we are to address a generation that has changed dramatically in the course of a few years?

Children born in the digital age are users accustomed from birth to the use of digital devices and surfing the internet.
Their daily life is interdependent with these tools in which social networks are the masters.
What distinguishes them from previous generations? And what communication strategy should be employed to address them?

Who are they?

Those born between 1995 and 2012 are defined with the terms Generation Z, Centennial or Post-Millenials.

It is therefore a very young audience, a constantly connected generation that finds in digital devices and online platforms no longer a simple entertainment but its own everyday life.
From the most common aspects such as social relations or news, passing from sports, work, shopping, study … Everything is connected and concentrated in the digital channel, and if it can be at hand, thanks to the connection of smartphones or other devices , even better!

It is an increasingly informed and attentive generation in all areas, capable of assimilating a much higher number of information than previous generations.

How to design content for Generation Z?

If your communication strategy is to reach this target, then aim to create a Customer Experience that is as engaging and emotional as possible.

As already mentioned, this particular target is constantly bombarded with information of all kinds, which is why the average threshold of attention is significantly reduced compared to a more adult audience and is around 8 seconds on average.
To generate contact with user Z it is therefore essential to focus on the visual aspect.

The captivating image and the short video are the key channels to get an effective message to this audience. In fact, it can be seen how social networks reflect this trend.

It is therefore essential to remember that on Facebook the average age of active users is gradually increasing.

The very young prefer other platforms, first of all Instagram and Snapchat (Pinterest and TikTok are also growing continuously) which work almost exclusively with this type of content.
Therefore aim for immediate messages, with captivating visuals and short but incisive sentences.


Another fundamental aspect is that of the direct relationship between consumer and company, an immediate response to user feedback, a sharing of activity content in real time (IG-Story, live-streaming, Snapchat, …), allow to form a One-to-One relationship with this type of target.

Another possibility to reach the very young audience is to plan a direct collaboration with the user, who thus has the possibility of full involvement.
Specific marketing operations that allow the personalization of the product or the involvement in business decisions lead to the creation of a co-creation relationship between user and brand with unprecedented results.

An all-Italian case history is the initiative implemented by the San Carlo potato chip company.
The “Più Gusto” product line is the result of an online campaign during which users have suggested innovative combinations of flavors to be combined with each other.
The initiative was a great success and the company decided to repeat the project four times, resulting in the production of four special editions of products.

We care

Generation Z proved to be very sensitive to social and environmental issues.

In fact, over the last few years we have witnessed the birth of cultural movements that started among the very young from social platforms: #metoo, #pridemonth #fridayforfuture.
The creation of content with a high load of values and a strong inspirational drive strikes and works for this type of user.

If you have the goal of hitting, first of all, the adults of tomorrow, then consider that the continuous change of the digital age has created increasingly dynamic and constantly updated users.