Latest from the press office!

Seven months have passed since the press conference at the Municipality of Verona which announced the special edition of Monopoly Verona. The release time is almost here and we are more and more enthusiastic!

In fact, in recent months we have dealt with the management and organization of events for the preparation for the official launch. We have not left out any details!
From Mr. Monopoly’s outings through the main streets of the city documented on the official social profiles and in the city’s newspapers, up to the preparation of the great launch event.

The game board still remains secret, but will be revealed soon.
To satisfy the most curious fans, four boxes have been made known.

The first, which accompanied the official press conference held for the announcement by the mayor Sboarina, is Ponte Pietra. Through quizzes and social campaigns, the Arsenale, Castelvecchio and Via Mazzini boxes were also revealed.

In the last few weeks before the game’s release, Mr. Monopoly has accompanied users through the streets of the city in search of the perfect location for this great event.

It will be a party open to all, during which a giant version of the board will be shown for the first time, which can then be used as a challenge field between all participants.

The direct collaboration with Winning Moves and the trust given to us by all the collaborators of this project has allowed us to create an effective and functional campaign to communicate the release of this splendid game to all the citizens of Verona and beyond.

But it doesn’t stop there!
We are in fact ready and energized to continue working on events and content for this activity, all always documented through social media.

For this reason, if you want to follow the activities of our nice mascot, keep an eye on the Facebook page – Monopoly Verona and the Instagram account Monopoly Verona