Creator Studio

The platform that all social media manager have been waiting for!

Creator Studio is a new Facebook Page Management tool.

Initially the platform gave the possibility to:
a) see, filter and manage in a single stream the contents published on the Facebook pages of which we are administrators or moderators, editors, etc;
b) manage the incoming messages of the FB pages for which you are enabled;
c) analyze the Insights only in relation to the Videos uploaded natively on the platform.

Facebook has progressively favored the transition to Creator Studio by moving the management of all draft or scheduled posts here.

In fact, now from the classic Facebook page you can only create posts with immediate publication.
The features that have been moved exclusively to created studio are the creation of advanced content (such as surveys), programming and saving in drafts.

Scheduled publication of posts on Instagram

While Facebook already made several tools available to optimize the organization of social media marketing operations (Facebook Business Manager with all the related options), the management of projects was still limited for Instagram.

Accounts with related public Instagram pages did not take the organization of content with the further limitation of publishing images and videos only from mobile.
Social media managers were therefore forced to resort to manual publication of the content, with the further obstacle of the limitation to a maximum of 5 accounts on the mobile app.
The only alternative was the activation of a paid tool such as Hootsuite, Agorapulse, PostPickr, etc.

The latest big news of Creator Studio is the ability to schedule and manage Instagram posts.
No limitations on the type of content (both photos and videos), no limitations in the number of accounts managed simultaneously, with the possibility of immediate publication, programming at the desired time and date or saving in draft.
A real revolution!

What's next?

In this last period in Creator Studio the insights have been extended to all types of content.
The hypothesis, and the great hope, is that in the future the period of available data will be extended (now limited to 30 days for Facebook and 15 for Instagram) by adding more information that can help build more targeted strategies and more detailed reports.

The advantage of having everything available on one free platform is priceless.
Creator Studio can become an excellent tool for unifying the page management activity, which would otherwise be very dispersed and fragmented.
We recommend adding it to your favorite links right away!

Live updates

June 2020

From now, through Creator Studio, it is also possible to tag people in posts with photos, disable comments and tag business partners in branded content.
Pre-registration has also been activated to unlock Instagram statistics!