Restyling of the website

A few days ago the new version of the Bios Line website went online.
The main objective of the restyle is the desire to communicate with strength and effectiveness the scientific and professional aspect of the products distributed.
The most important resource of the company is in fact research, an activity that has always carried out with professionalism and enthusiasm in order to make the most of the enormous potential for health and well-being contained in the plant world.


For Bios Line it is essential to convey that the effectiveness of the products is guaranteed by the most advanced phytotherapeutic research and by production processes with a high quality and safety standard.

The main challenge was therefore to harmoniously combine the Nature-Science binomial through a mix of fonts, colors and layouts, to emphasize research and innovation without sacrificing the institutional character.

We took care of optimizing and reorganizing the contents to make the site structure more linear and immediate. The products, news and advice are interrelated. Furthermore, to simplify the search, we have created different types of navigation: mega menu, side menu and page navigation.

Do you like it?

So get ready because we'll tell you about another project soon!

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