Locally Baked & Created

Elk Bakery was born from the idea of offering an international cuisine by using local products. Elk’s innovative concept begins with a carrot cake and an American coffee, enjoyed by the founders during a walk in London.

A philosophy that elevates the culture of daily handmade good food, made with organic raw materials, and that makes passion the secret ingredient of all recipes.

Entering Elk Bakery you are immersed in a wonderful world of scents and flavors mixed in a contemporary setting, which transport you to a world without place. A little bit of New York, Stockholm, Copenhagen or Paris, where all the products, however, are Made in Verona.

Website restyling

Elk Bakery’s values are expressed through a fresh and minimal style, which leaves great breath to the images. The dishes are the real protagonists of the scene, which with the bright colors of the ingredients light up the layout (and appetite).
The motto used by Elk Bakery is “EASY”. We took it literally: easy, like the graphic style of the project, like the browsing experience on the site, like the organization of the contents.