All the tools to boost your e-commerce

Do you own an e-commerce and want to increase sales or optimize your purchasing processes? In this article we have collected tools and best practices for your online shop! You may already be using some of these tools, but you can try our tips to make them work best!

We have already talked about the subject in other articles, for example with ideas on how to improve your customer care, how to define and track goals through KPIs, or how to use social media to promote your products! The truth is that there is always something to learn and fix if you have an online sales platform. So don’t miss out on these super contents and if you have any doubts, feel free to write us!

Get found and... Pay easy!

Let’s start with 4 simple rules

  1. Let them find you easily;
  2. make people trust you and don’t think your products are counterfeit or of little value;
  3. show that the price of the items is adequate for their quality
  4. make the purchase and payment process easy.

Let’s spend a few more words on the last point, namely the payment.
New different smarter platforms emerge daily.
In most e-commerce stores you can see Amazon Pay or Apple Pay. Through these methods, the user can take advantage of existing accounts and speed up the process.
Recently, payment by installments is increasingly widespread. We have already talked extensively about Scalapay, but there are really dozens of them, like Klarna.
The best solution is to use multiple method aggregators such as Stripe or Mollie.

Get new customers!

If your shop is already online, the first thing to do is have customers!
Certainly difficult, but not impossible.
Some tools can come to your aid by making promotion and retention easier.

For example, you could use dynamic pricing through these rules:

  • organize your products with discount amounts based on quantity, period or for different strategies based for example on best sellers or news;
  • adjust fixed prices per product by rounding the amounts or choosing more attractive values ​​(for example, it is more effective on an unconscious level that a product costs € 9.90 rather than € 10);
  • apply advanced pricing rules for existing customer groups by making discounts accessible to loyal users;
    make temporary promotions that can motivate users to return to your shop (e.g. on categories, brands, product types, etc.).

If you are using WooCommerce for your shop. We recommend you to use the official plugin which you can find at this link.

Smart Coupon

If you already use discount codes…great job! However, there may be another way to make them even more effective. Have you ever heard about Smart Coupons?
They work as normal coupons but with smarter features! For example, it is possible to generate promo codes that can be shared via links (therefore also on all the social profiles of your customers), create gift vouchers, generate coupons valid even for physical stores!
You could also try creating reward promotions by rewarding customers who talk about your shop and convince other friends to make a purchase.

If integrated with marketing automation systems (see the following paragraph) they become even more powerful because they can also be created in response to certain user actions on the online shop.

Take a look at eferral Candy or Smart Coupon di WooCommerce.

Marketing automation

We are not here to lose our time! So let’s boost your e-commerce, there are tons of tools that can help you!

QThis platform is multi-functional. It allows you to support customers via chat, with self-service tools and pro-active tours.
It also manages all interactions with customers by unifying inbox, reports, workflows. Use customer data and their behavior to personalize the shopping experience, create synchronized lists to then use them for remarketing.

Observe the purchasing habits of your customers, track their journey and communicate with them at key moments in the decision-making process by showing interactions with the product, order history, lifetime spending. With over 30 filters you can create different segments to identify the most loyal or the most undecided customers. Loyalty purchases by combining the data at your disposal and sending pro-active e-mails.

Create automation workflows to increase conversion flows, set product recommendations and cross-sell dynamics. Collect data for re-marketing and easily set up automatic follow-up emails.

Create effective re-purchase campaigns to sell more products or reward customers with discounts. Use chat tools (including Messenger and Whatsapp) to assist users, including through automated chatbots.

Need anything else?

Are there any tools you use that we haven’t talked about? Then let us know!
If, on the other hand, you are looking for a very specific tool to solve a problem or improve one of the aspects of your online shop, we are here to help you!