Open the camera, frame and... Search!

Google Lens is a smartphone app that, through visual analysis, is able to recognize any content framed with the camera or within an image.
This technology uses artificial intelligence so, in addition to understanding which object has been subjected to it, it is also able to provide information about it.

Like Shazam which allows you to recognize songs you hear on the radio but don’t know the title, Google Lens helps you identify images.
We can define it as a personal visual assistant who can provide information on everything we see.

By pointing the camera at any object such as a plant, a work of art, an animal, a business card, the app proceeds with the identification in real time and offers a list of useful details. The algorithm has been equipped with automatic learning, which will improve its accuracy and response speed over time!

Several super useful features are already here.

With Smart Text Selection it is possible to copy-paste the text framed with the camera (both physical and digital). It is even possible to save receipts.

With Style Match Google Lens becomes your personal shopper: with the recognition of clothes and furniture. Analyze the article, tracing the brand, price, material and indicating where to buy it.

Among its most recent innovations, the food scanning option stands out.
Just frame a restaurant menu to translate it into your language, or get recipes, videos, ingredient lists and nutritional advice!


Google Lens can change your shopping habits unpredictably.
Suppose you see a pair of shoes in a shop window that you like so much, or that someone in the street wears them. With Google Lens you can know the price, the name or the color variations.
Being an immediate and intuitive tool we can imagine that in the not too distant future it will become a real method for shopping.
Many of the online shopping giants already use similar features to help users search for products. This is the case, for example, of Amazon and Zalando, but also of Asos and Zara’s apps. In these shops it is already possible to use an image search.

Google wins!

Google recently integrated Lens into some of its apps, such as Photos, Assistant, and Now.
In the future, therefore, you will have to worry even more about being well indexed on the most famous search engine in the world because also on Lens an algorithm will be applied to propose to users the most relevant or most convenient answer for Google 🤓.

Google Lens also shows related results from in the search results. Here the description and the content of the product become the real added value to help your product stand out from the others in a virtual showcase in which all the photos are similar.

Sit comfortably and watch with us this great change that image search can also bring to shopping.
In the meantime, download the app and try all its features. It is available for iOS and Android!
Warning: being an artificial intelligence in development, there will be occasions when it will give you answers that have nothing to do with what you asked for!