Email marketing

Email marketing is perhaps the most used digital communication tool. Surely you too receive daily promotions or news on different products and brands through newsletters.
They are a very useful tool for companies because they allow you to strengthen the bond with the public, keeping the memory alive and creating, in some cases, a real fixed appointment.

LinkedIn, the social number one of the professional communities, has introduced a feature that allows you to write and send newsletters to subscribers. It has been in beta testing since last November and is therefore only available to some more “influential” users, but will soon be extended to all subscribers.

Curious to understand how it works?! Then read on!

Newsletter in name, but not in fact

LinkedIn is not a real e-mail marketing service because it simply sends an in-app notification, via push and via e-mail to all subscribers when new content is published.

If you are one of the lucky ones who have already enabled this feature and you want to try writing your first newsletter, here is the procedure!
On your LinkedIn homepage click on the “Write Article” button. Once redirected to the content creation screen, choose “Create Newsletter”.
Now choose the title of the article, the description, the logo and decide how often to publish the updates. When you are done click on “Finish”.

Once the newsletter is created, you can write your first article.
If you have never done it, you will find a useful guide here.

Do you need some advice to get started?

Here are some best practices that will surely help you!

  • Choose a name for your newsletter that immediately highlights what you want to communicate to your audience
  • Upload a logo to increase engagement (300 × 300 pixels)
  • Choose a different cover image for each article. When you can, favor images with subjects
  • Choose a clear and intuitive title
  • Make the reading fluent and interactive by using bold letters and links, also remember to ask your readers questions to increase the interaction
  • Share your Linkedin Newsletter on other social networks or by e-mail
  • Respect the chosen publication cadence
  • Change the “Connect” button on the profile to “Follow” so that anyone viewing your profile can start following your activity.

When you are done click on “publish”. At this point, a window will appear in which you can add a caption to the presentation message with hashtags, mentions and actions recommended by Linkedin to improve the relationship with subscribers.

Then, a page of your newsletter will be automatically created with an overview of the contents, your profile information and the complete list of articles contained. In fact, you can publish an article every 24 hours within the same newsletter.

Easy, right?!

Now share your newsletter article on other social channels to increase engagement across the entire audience.
It is not necessary to log in to view the page!

Your followers will be invited via notification to subscribe to your newsletter. This means that they will receive a notification and an email when you write a new newsletter article.

The purpose of this new feature is to create exclusive and dedicated content, which is why the social network rewards its most creative users by selecting the highest quality articles and highlighting them.

So make sure that your newsletters are an added value. To monitor the interest of your audience, you can use the monitoring of feedback, statistics and comments that LinkedIn makes available to you!

Important: Authors can create and manage only one newsletter at a time. If you delete your newsletter, you will be limited in the ability to create a new one.

Be ready!

The potential of LinkedIn newsletters are many, for example they can help you:

Gain visibility

First of all, this new service is part of an ecosystem that has more than 700 million subscribers. There is therefore the possibility of having a lot of visibility in an audience similar to that in which we operate professionally.

Notify your updates

This new tool, unlike traditional newsletters, sends an in-app and push notification to its subscribers even when a new article is published.

Contain costs

It is a free and very effective tool. It will therefore be useful for strengthening your personal brand, inspiring your community, establishing yourself as an expert in the sector and updating subscribers on your latest projects.

Share contents

As mentioned, the articles in your newsletter can be easily shared to your network of contacts on other social platforms or via email to increase your reach.

If you still have doubts, you can find out more here:

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