Falca Srl

For over 40 years Falca has specialized in the processing of soles for third party footwear. The company’s goal is to create fashionable products, by using natural raw materials (wood), expert labor and highly technological machinery.
Today as yesterday, therefore, Falca applies craftsmanship to new and cutting-edge production processes, with a constant search for aesthetic, functional and technical content.

Website restyle

The new site has the function of bringing out the dedication employed in the design, the ethical choice of using eco-sustainable materials and the constant commitment to research.

Texts and images alternate in a balanced way within a minimal layout, where storytelling plays a fundamental role.

From the site emerges the attachment to the artisan tradition in synergy with the highly modern vision of the use of latest generation machinery. The project therefore reflects Falca’s desire to be known by the public not only for its products, but for the ideology that accompanies the entire production process.