Day after day the digital world becomes more and more open and connected, so marketing strategies and variables are continuously redefined. Facebook has recently introduced a new platform, with the aim of helping professional and beginner marketers to navigate this ever-developing world.

Thus Facebook IQ was born, a portal, similar to a blog, dedicated to data and research on audiences, targets and users. In many respects it follows in the footsteps of Think with Google. In fact, it presents features and tools similar to those made available by its number one competitor.

It is a global collective of business strategists, trendsetters, futurists, planners, ethnographers, journalists and analysts who offer different perspectives based on their experiences and practices. This deep knowledge, resources and conflicting thoughts can not only inspire leaders to think big about their future, but also prepare them to make bold decisions that will surely bring positive changes to their business, industry, community.

Where you have questions, Facebook IQ has Insights

The analysis of the data to be included within a social strategy could be a long and expensive job if you do not have the right tools available. If you are looking for inspiration or a winning marketing strategy, rely on Facebook QIs to have access to up-to-date research and insights.

Facebook IQ is a useful tool for analyzing a sector topic in which to develop a business idea. You can enter keywords to make your search even more specific depending on your target market.
This portal thus becomes a real search engine that allows, through filters, to provide quantitative and qualitative data to be exploited in a social media marketing plan.

The filters available are:

  • Regions, in which the reference countries can be chosen
  • Business sector, where you can select the sector of interest
  • People, where to choose between Gen Z and Millennials
  • Platforms, where to include apps or devices of interest
  • Topics, which lists the most searched topics.

As always, Facebook is very attentive to the privacy of its users. Precisely for this reason, it declares that all the information in its possession is collected from anonymous data in aggregate form.

Find your perfect audience!

Now that you’ve found all the data and insights that can help you with your next digital strategy, it’s time to get down to business!
The more information you can gather about your target audience, the more likely your ads are to be seen by the right people, interested in buying or knowing what you offer.

Before dedicating yourself to any Facebook Ads campaign, we therefore recommend that you check out Facebook Audience Insights!
This other free tool gives you the opportunity to do an internal and external analysis of your audience. In addition to specifying which users of your fan base to aim for, it also allows you to find new possible audiences with the help of setting keywords in the appropriate search base.

The algorithm will then build an audience based on demographic characteristics, interests and behaviors and will also identify new useful information to be included in the targeting.