Data and tips to better plan coupons, special sales and promotions for your e-commerce.

The shopping habits of people of all ages and economic possibilities have drastically changed in recent years. The coronavirus emergency is certainly an accomplice. In the last year and a half, in fact, we have witnessed a very rapid acceleration in the adoption of digital systems.


It is not just about the much discussed smart working, videoconferencing and distance learning. The customer journey has also transformed. Especially in the retail sector there has been a sharp increase in online purchases and specific searches on products of interest that users want to buy.

Now, more than ever, it is vital for retailers to seize the ball and create a roadmap to organize a calendar of promotions and make the most of every possible opportunity.

From Valentine’s Day to Christmas it is important to have in mind consumer trends, sector data and best practices to be able to guide your approach, define the next initiatives and create a solid marketing strategy.


The party of lovers is one of the best opportunities of the year for digital retailers.

The queries relating to purchases for “Valentine’s Day gifts” have been growing strongly since the second week of January in Italy. The peak in 2021 was in the week of February 14-20 (demonstrating that we are a people of latecomers!).

In general, 70% of shoppers search for products of interest online before buying them.

To reach new customers celebrating Valentine’s Day, we need to target an in-market audience. This solution covers the categories of gifts and special occasions, from flowers and chocolates to jewelry.

The most clicked retailers are those who deal with gifts, greeting cards, florists, fashion and clothing and personalization services.


From barbecues to clothing, the search for the perfect gifts to give to fathers covers a very large area. Since giving a man a gift is never easy, queries for “dad gifts” are steadily increasing and are starting to be searched for as early as six weeks before the party.

For occasions like this party, which is family-centric, for best results, use affinity categories such as those related to family, lifestyle or hobbies to reach shoppers who may be more interested in your products.

The most clicked retailers are those that deal with gifts and greeting cards, items for the home and garden and consumer electronics.


Christmas with your family, Easter with whoever you want.

The Easter period is an opportunity to meet friends and family and, why not, renew the furnishings of the home. Search queries reflect these needs. Among the most common we find: table decorations, recipes and gifts. The most receptive audiences are made up of people who prefer to spend the holidays with the family, home decor and kitchen enthusiasts and gourmets. The most involved retailers are those of gastronomy and food, furniture, home and garden, fashion and clothing.


Mother’s Day is a very heartfelt celebration, both in Italy and in European countries. It is celebrated on the second Sunday of May, but the search for the perfect gift begins much earlier, already in the first week of April.

The target audience is the in-market audience, to promote your products by showing them to consumers who are willing to shop, for example through the categories related to purchases, flowers and Mother’s Day greeting cards.

51% of Italian shoppers who search online believe that a search engine is a more effective starting point than a retailer’s website.


In the summer, we spend as much time as possible outdoors. Searches for articles that help you take care of gardening are reaching their peak. Sales in general are growing, with many buyers looking for the best offer for sales.

The most clicked retailers are related to home and garden, fashion, clothing and sporting goods. For the summer sales it uses a mix of strategies based on audience segments, from the activation of key audiences (those looking for offers / those looking for trending categories).

Searches related to “summer sales” grew by 11% in 2019.


Back to school is a busy time for both children and parents, with new books, clothes, stationery and technology products. The resumption of school activities is one of the most intense moments of the year for retail. You can reach engaged shoppers via in-market categories like computers and hardware, clothing and accessories. The most clicked retailers are those of consumer electronics, fashion, clothing, stationery and educational services.



Black Friday is a perfect opportunity to increase brand awareness in the months leading up to the peak of the Christmas season, where you can also test new strategies and growth opportunities.

Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday are great opportunities for 80% of Italians who shop ahead of Christmas (following these two days, 28% of Christmas gift purchases are completed).

58% of Italians see this short discount period as an important opportunity to buy the items they need at more advantageous prices, while 24% say they are inspired by offers to take away some whim. Here, too, it’s useful to mix multiple audiences, combining tech lovers and offer hunters, while creating a remarketing list of previous visitors. The most clicked retailers are those of consumer electronics, fashion and clothing and educational services.


The Christmas time is the busiest time of the year for most retailers. The largest number of purchases is recorded in the groups around Christmas and in the following weeks, with the start of the winter sales.

Any long-term change in these behaviors is difficult to predict, but the digital shift is a certainty. Last year 74% of Italians’ Christmas purchases took place with a new retailer and 69% of users said they were willing to buy from retailers never contacted before.

86% of Italian consumers said that the reviews of other buyers on the products influenced the purchase choice and favored online shopping. The most active audiences are those in the categories of gifts, Christmas sales, seasonal sales, and post Christmas.


Don’t forget, since e-commerce is one of your most effective tools, it must always offer a good shopping experience, through clear product descriptions, the offer of different payment methods and good customer service.