The post-pandemic evolution

From tasting in the cellar to 2.0 boutiques, the key word for each sector of the market is now “experience”. Do you feel it everywhere too ?!

Even before the pandemic it was a very hot and central issue in all marketing plans, but after this period of restrictions, in which our dear customers have identified their needs even better and eliminated unnecessary expenses … expectations are always up to date. stars!

Therefore, you cannot afford poor service right now. The risk of being replaced by your biggest rival is always around the corner!

Another relevant factor: the price. This is no longer the first factor of choice. According to research, in fact, one in two people would be willing to spend a higher amount to get a better service.

So, listen to this!

What is meant by marketing experience?

The term experience refers to a series of factors that go beyond the product / service offered! Understand the consumer, offer him something more than what he expects and surprise him! Offer him something different, which makes him feel special and at the center of attention.

Experiential marketing, in fact, leverages emotionality, with the aim of creating a bond that is as long-lasting as possible.

But how? Thanks to engaging solutions made to measure, which do not lead to the simple purchase of a good / service, but which lead the consumer to marry your idea or the lifestyle you propose.

An example? The organization of events connected even marginally to your business, but which make it participate. Have you already had some flashes of genius ?!

Experiential marketing makes the user fall in love with your brand to the point of talking about it and becoming its best ambassador. In fact, research shows that 74% of consumers have a very positive idea of ​​brands that offer quality events, compared to others that do not.

Data, data, data.

To achieve this, you need to carry out a very thorough analysis of the data you have available! These allow you to move directly on the emotional level with a much higher probability of breaking into the hearts of your customers. It is scientifically proven, in fact, that most purchases are not made rationally, but on the basis of feelings and desires.


Communication and technology

Especially in the post-pandemic era that we are facing, in order to diversify the offer and make the consumer feel even more special, the path you can take is this: intertwining technology with strategic communication!

If you use these tools separately and without a precise design it is now counterproductive.

The needs of your audience have changed and so has the demand.

The purpose, in fact, is not to increase the sale of products, but to strengthen the relationship and trust in the brand. In addition, the organization of events allows you to collect much more consumer data and this allows an increasingly one-to-one connection with the customer.

A few examples?

Customer Support: pre and post-sales

Do you own an e-commerce?
Then you will surely know that during these months when online shopping was the only purchasing solution for many stores, customer care also required enormous development. This not only serves as a support for the customer, but is one of the main means to directly contact the customer, understand their needs and collect data. This allows you to develop stronger and lasting relationships and to increase the so-called customer intimacy.

But when can customer service become an experience? When the service you offer is constant, immediate and efficient! But maybe you’ve already realized this 😜

The future of customer care certainly includes artificial intelligence, augmented reality, voice assistants and the Internet of Things (IoT).

One of the most striking examples concerns chatbots: systems based on artificial intelligence that independently manage customer requests. In fact, various functions have been implemented to support man-made service.

And what have you already prepared on your site?

Attention to after-sales service has also increased considerably. This phase of customer service is essential for customer loyalty.

Make your customer feel involved and pampered, and don’t underestimate the human factor, especially in this historic moment!

Online assistance could turn into one of the main touchpoints with the customer. Do not limit yourself to a cold chat, but also interact through calls or video calls that bring greater involvement.


Whether digital or physical, events are at the heart of experiential marketing.

Make the consumer experience your brand through experiences that go beyond the product, creating a one-to-one connection.

Consequently, the customer will be led to embrace your philosophy, to talk about it with acquaintances and to prefer it in future purchases.

An example is certainly Vans, which in the last year has created pop-up stores in the skate parks of large cities such as New York or Kentucky Fried Chicken which has created an augmented reality game to teach participants how to cook their famous chicken. .

And have you already thought of some experience for your audience?

Food experiences

A sector that has been forced to massively review its presence on the market is certainly that of food, especially catering.

You too will surely have found yourself supporting your favorite restaurant, assembling and cooking, becoming a chef yourself. Or maybe you are the chef who had to reinvent himself?

Online cooking lessons, highly anticipated live on social networks … How did you surprise your loyalists? 😎


We understood that the key for every company was to reinvent itself, that it is no longer necessary to go to the supermarket to do the shopping, that it is no longer necessary to go to a store to be recommended by a salesman and also that it is no longer even necessary. rent a location to create an event with thousands of people.

The models and habits that we have managed to redefine are many and the sure thing is that all this will remain in our daily life for a long time.

Curious to find out what’s going to be the hottest in this 2021 ?!

Here you are the trends in 2021!


Pop-ups were a way to connect with the consumer in a more flexible and alternative way. Lego, Netflix and TikTok are just some of the brands that have included them in their marketing strategy.


What is it about? The metaverse is a kind of virtual world, but much more complex: a set of technologies, languages, contents and experiences.

This technology is still under development and will be the center of attention in the coming years, but many companies are already bringing their audiences here.

Many brands such as Gucci, Stella McCartney and Coca-Cola have already entered this world with the aim of offering new experiences and increasing brand awareness.


Despite the possibility of partly returning to face-to-face events, connecting with people and organizing courses, meetings and online experiences, it will remain a trend for a long time.



By this we mean running into brands on the streets. For example, with mobile experiences via QR-Code or places that travel via food trucks or bikes!

Here are just some of the news that this year and a half of pandemic has brought us.
What changes have you brought to your business?
Now we just have to wait to find out what the future holds. Stay tuned! 😎