A November full of news

This November so full of news has left us speechless several times, not to mention that this is only the beginning. Epochal changes are underway on platforms that will certainly impact our digital future. Do you have this feeling too? Are you already imagining your virtual reality?

Here is a summary of the main news for you!


Meta Stores

Facebook / Meta is already expanding its hardware catalog so it is not surprising that it is already thinking about the creation of physical stores for commercialized, but above all to introduce people to this new world in a more “realistic” way. Some product examples? Virtual reality viewers and Smart Glasses (remember those in collaboration with RayBan?).

Removes facial recognition(BUT Meta DOESN’T)

Remember the suggested name of the user in question on the photos to make it easier to add the tag? This will not happen now again. The biomedical data of millions of users will be deleted. However, this will not happen for Meta, which will continue to work on Deep Face technology (of facial recognition). However, it remains to understand how to use it without violating privacy and personal data!


desktop POSTS
Have you long dreamed of being able to publish a post from your pc? Well, Instagram has finally given us the chance to do it! The app has always been designed and optimized only for mobile, but it can also be accessed from a browser and has now implemented the ability to post from the desktop. Will you use it?

Did you notice the new sticker in the stories that makes you jump from one profile to another? Like?! All following a single fil rouge!

Link in the stories
One of the latest news from Instagram that really concerns everyone!
It is now possible for each user to insert links to external sites in the stories.
A very important step for small creators and companies who can now sponsor their sites and works directly from here!
And you have already tried to link your site?

Now it will be possible to delete one or more images from the carousels by simply clicking on the three dots at the top right!

Rage Shake
This is a kind of shock that must be done to report a problem. In practice, shaking the phone a pop-up will appear with the words “Something went wrong?”. This will help the platform to identify the most common bugs!

Tests music in feed posts


How to create a stronger community? How to have greater engagement?
It is Instagram itself with the help of Lolly Hu, founder of a stationery brand that has been able to create a very strong community! You can find the Instagram post here!

  1. Small businesses are always in development. Share your journey on IG!
  2. Create a series that your audience can be a part of. Use hashtags to encourage conversation!
  3. Create special moments! Make GIFs or filters that you can use and share!


Netflix Games on mobile devices

The company has launched the “Games” section on the platform. For now they are only available for Android, but is already working to introduce them on iOS as well. They were created by third parties and hosted in the app. The cost? Nobody. All you need is your Netflix subscription. Just download the game … and get started!
Aren’t you curious how it will evolve? How will it feel to find games alongside our favorite series? Will games be sold directly on Netflix? We’ll see!


EXPLAINS WHY IS SO appreciated by people

Nielsen conducted research and published the results explaining why TikTok is so loved by people. The main reasons? Because it is authentic, genuine and unfiltered. This makes it very difficult for companies to understand how much budget to invest.
One more reason to read the Nielsen study, which shows that 64% of users believe that TikTok is authentic, 77% say it is a place where they feel like themselves and 84% say they find content at which he is strongly interested in.

Create your content in 3 steps! 

Want to make it big on TikTok, but have no idea where to start?
Good news for you: the platform itself has released a step-by-step guide to creating super engaging content for your business. Here are the steps represented in simple pictures!


short and full screen videos
It is certainly thanks to the TikTok effect that YouTube has also chosen to include videos with a shorter duration and full screen on the platform. The test was launched a few weeks ago on iOS and is now already expanding to other users.
We can’t wait to try the new format, and you?

Toglie il conto dei “Non mi piace”


Preview of instagram photos on the platform
It is no longer necessary to switch from one app to another: now Twitter allows us to see the contents of Instagram directly on the platform!

Super Follow arrives in italy
What is it about? It is a feature already active in many countries that allows characters such as journalists or experts in a certain sector to access preview content in exchange for a paid subscription.

starts the test for Live-Stream Shopping
In collaboration with Walmart during Cyber Week and with the help of actors, singers and many other celebrities. He will start with a 30-minute Jason Derulo live show in which he will show different types of products.

has reached 211 millions active followers (+ 13% each year)


launches Service Marketplace
The new platform for freelancers already active within the social network in which it is possible for freelancers to highlight the services offered and find customers. All that remains is to activate the profile and choose the reference category!
Freelancers, have you tested?

New Company Pages
Following the growing and general desire to leave their company, LinkedIn has decided to add some pages in which to tell their company philosophy, internal structure and working dynamics with the aim of attracting top talents!
And have you wondered if your employees are happy in the workplace?