Trend or conscious lifestyle?

For Millennials and Gen Z it’s time to change and sustainability is (thankfully) very important.

In fact, as we reported in this article, it seems that it’s the youngest, with their means and their simple and direct language, to guide the choices of big companies!

It’s a real hot topic. 

These are the times when Greta sticks the baton to the leaders of the major world powers, so there’s no time to lose and certainly our customers don’t hold back from the changes.

Let’s start with who more has talked about himself recently! Guess the riddle?!


Cortilia after having extended its service to other cities besides Milan (including our Verona), has launched a very provocative campaign entitled

“Non comparteci sempre*”.

This is a clear challenge to stimulate consumers to make more informed choices on a daily basis.

The campaign was spread through all the social channels of the brand (Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Linkedin), via the web and through audio sponsorships, for example on Spotify. In the cities where it’s present they have also hung large billboards.

The attention is primarily captured by the visual. Eight different graphics have been created, each with bright colors, full images and capital letters!

This initiative was carried out following a survey conducted on some customers, to probe the level of sustainability in their habits. 

It therefore consists of a real awareness campaign to make it clear that every single gesture can have a positive or negative impact on the environment.

The road still seems to be very long, but many small daily choices put together can make a difference!

And you have already done the shopping with Cortilia?? After this advertising it’s hard not to want to try it!

Bios Line

Also at home Bios Line there are some news!

Last September, at Sana, was presented the new line of shower shampoos Nature’s in solid format.

It’s a true concentrate of natural assets that respect both the environment and our body. They are vegan products, with over 92 % natural ingredients!

But this isn’t over! A formulation has been studied that foresees a 70% saving of water in production and an eco-sustainable, recyclable and reusable packaging! 

In fact, the box in which it is contained is made of aluminum, while the outer casing is made of FSC paper!

They have created four wonderful fragrances and we don’t know where to start!🤩

The bees came from Talent Garden Garden!

Latest news from Talent Garden!?

The bees arrived at the Milan Calabiana headquarters. In the true sense of the word.

Talent Garden also firmly believes in the need to respect the environment around us and in the need for training in this regard. This is why, together with Apicoltura Urbana, it has created a new project that has brought to the rooftop of the building two hives equipped with Iot technology.

The purpose? To demonstrate how it’s possible to live man with nature even in the city.

It’s also a way of educating the public about the importance of bees and the behaviour that we could all take to protect them.

What could we do then? Support small farms that don’t use pesticides or maybe plant some flowers on the terrace, for example!

Give new life to wood? Francomario teaches us!

If you thought it was enough to use wood to be sustainable, well, read here!

Thanks to Francomario we learned just that. The selection and the treatments that are made to the raw material are choices of fundamental importance.

The circular economy model is based on it Francomario is called Re-wood, which gives the name to the line itself. A line that highlights all the peculiarities of nature, strengths and weaknesses!

The wood is recovered from old buildings, its impurities are eliminated, it is then dried and treated with natural protective oils to preserve it!

And did you know this reality?

Run and take a look at their magnificent furniture proposals!

Falca: artisan tradition, green choices!

Tradition yes, but low environmental impact!

All their choices are aimed at sustainable production with the best working conditions.

The skin? No heavy metals and produced by reducing the consumption of water by 40% during the tanning phase.

The other materials used are recycled, such as rubber, textiles and leather.

But it’s not enough to focus on raw materials. Innovation and resource savings are also concentrated in the production process.

Another commitment from Falca? The regeneration of the forest heritage through the planting of 10 thousand new trees every year in Romania, as from there comes the wood used. The goal is to return to nature more than it was used in production!

Read here Falca’s commitment

Fortunately, there are more and more realities around us that are implementing choices and virtuous behavior towards the environment.

This article was an excellent opportunity for us to reflect on our actions!

Perhaps we should all review our priorities and embrace the ideas of the new generations by getting closer to nature. 

And how sustainable are you in everyday life?