2021 is now over

we can certainly say that, in the digital world, it was the year of Tiktok, which deserves the award as social of the year. Who knows if he’ll win again in 2022, or if there will be surprises... what is certain is that this new year has already begun bringing many innovations in the digital field. Let’s find out how it started!


The most substantial news comes from the world of Instagram that has introduced several novelties, to keep up with Tiktok.

In the dashboard now the user can choose whether to view the board with the suggested posts via algorithm, look at the posts in the favorite section with the contents of friends and profiles previously chosen or, finally, view the feed of following accounts

Another important news! The Stories will have a new duration, from 15 to 60 seconds. In addition, particular importance will be given to Reel videos, which will be made central, improved comments and will be introduced the speech synthesis of the text of the video.

Finally, the subscription fee will soon be introduced to access exclusive content made by their favorite content creators. It will be possible to buy an app subscription that will allow the user to see videos and posts made ad hoc for the paying community and will also allow creators to monetize their work.


Make way for the Creators! The most “serious” social among all launches new features in Creator Hub, a space with many tools and best practices to improve pages and profiles. These include live videos, to create immediate connections with other professionals without the application process. Also now newsletters are available for everyone (we talked about it in this article).


The January update of Telegram brings important news to the app.
Reactions have been introduced in all single chats, but also in groups and channels, where administrators can choose to activate them and decide which emojis can be used in their chats.

Another important news is the time and distance between you and your contacts. In fact, clicking on a user’s real-time shared location shows the time it takes to reach it on foot, by car or by public transport.


The most fun social introduces several updates. The first new feature is poll stickers, which now allow users to create polls focused on emojis, so they can share them in Snap and stories.
After introducing Bitmoji, similar to Apple’s Memoji, Snapchat is now also about to launch Bitmoji Reactions, or reactions to respond to a chat message using the emoji in its own image, to give it a more personal touch.