Which are the new web trends?

The Web designer handbook for 2022 is based on a single watchword: UX!
Objective: focus on the browsing experience in search of especially emotional involvement.
In this article we’ll immerse ourselves in the trends of the end of 2021 that, together with the new entries of the new year, will ride the wave of 2022, to inspire you and give a boost to your creativity.
We anticipate that this year’s trends will put in the foreground a minimalist style to focus on the essence of content!

01 Typographic hero image

No photos? No problem! Design a site without images and you’ll be immediately fashionable.
The top portion of a page, known as the “Hero Section”, is a crucial part of the site.
The scenario has changed since previous years: the images are replaced with a bold and large typography.

If it’s true that this choice can lead to a rather minimal aesthetic, it’s also true that it opens to the possibility of experimenting with alternative techniques to stimulate the user.
Great emphasis on original printing solutions, interactive elements and unexpected animations.

By Bluesjay

02 Serif & Moving Type

The serif characters, sophisticated and with a classic touch, become part of the web design trends of 2022 to remember the printed texts and their timeless elegance.
Yes to color, with added texture, shapes, photos and emoji and why not, even animations can make your website engaging. This very text captures the user’s attention. So always keep in mind what you want to communicate! 😁

We like the color, but don’t push it, remember that the focus remains the user experience. Too many animations could be overwhelming or distracting!

By Rron Berisha

03 Linework

Let’s talk about grids! For 2022, web designers reveal a design secret: using simple edges and frames. At the end, the linework uses the lines to create sections and arouse visual interest, guiding users in navigation.
To push the visitor in the desired direction you don’t need arrows and fingers pointed… It’s enough to put at stake more abstract solutions, which suggest rather than pointing but end up having the same effect!

By Soumitro Sobuj via Dribbble

04 Claymorphism

Claymorphism is one of the freshest and most recent trends precisely because it’s used in the creation of NFT and Metaverso. 3D is the master with a soft and friendly style with minimal design so much in vogue this year.
Remember: to get a perfect Claymorphism you have to combine these four styles: light colors, pastel and bright, large rounded corners, double inner shadow and outer shadow.

By Aneesh

05 Design Retrò

Emerging web designers are taking more and more inspiration from the past, especially from the Web 1.0 of the 90s, characterized by bright background colors and robotic typefaces.
The new generation is reviving this trend in a creative and captivating way, with the advantage of almost 30 years of experience in collective design.

By Ruxandra Nastase via Dribbble

06 Memphis design

The ’80s are back and becoming more popular than ever. However, unlike the “Millennial Pink” trend, the current version of Memphis that we see on Pinterest and Instagram has evolved from the debut of the original with a more modern appearance.
Memphis is much more than just a design trend, it breaks the rules and encourages freshness, creativity and uniqueness. In addition, it motivates daring and courage, not only in design but in life, and reminds us that our time on this earth should be fun.

07 Material design

Material Design is not out of fashion, although it was designed by Google in 2014.
But you know, things done well remain in time and Material is the glaring example.
With its flat foundations it is able to combine visual appeal with usability optimization.

Do you need inspiration?
See all the best designs on DesignRush.

By Material.io

08 Fluid shades

A versatile effect that echoes the nuanced designs of the 90s, but in a more… fluid way!
Gradients are back in vogue in 2018, with the Instagram shaded logo, and since then they’re widely used to create an illusion of movement and dynamism, while maintaining the minimal design.

Karina Zhaborovska

09 Virtual reality and Metaverse

Where does the border between reality and imagination begin? Looking at many new websites we may not be 100% sure. Thanks to the advent of the Metaverse, the trend that unites real and imaginary was born.
Web designers are inspired by virtual worlds, experimenting with bright and bright colors, abstract and round shapes, with holographic textures. This trend is widely used in the crypt space, to accentuate the idea of a futuristic world.

Joël Dos Santos

10 Glassmorphism

Glassmorphism is the trend to create elements inspired by glass thanks to the overlapping of semi-transparent objects with a colored background. A combination of transparency, blur and translucent effect similar to frosted glass. Glassmorphism adds depth and visual hierarchy to the interface. And it’s perfect for highlighting relevant content!

Is this effect here to stay or will it be a flash in the pan?

By Tran Mau Tri Tam

11 Graphic interactions

Want a cutting-edge website? This is the right trend for you!
Graphic interactions proved to be a brilliant solution to keep the user
longer on the site, thus avoiding that you leave the web page. This will also lower the bounce rate.

By Malgorzata Kozela

12 Inclusive design

The watchword of today’s world is inclusiveness! So why not make the web a welcoming place for everyone? It’s time to make websites accessible to everyone, regardless of ethnicity, gender, culture, and ability.
This trend expresses the will to move towards a universal awareness of the impact of design on users.

There are standards you can refer to called Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, or WCAG. The WCAG explains how to make web content more accessible to people with disabilities, explaining how to incorporate text, sounds and images.

By Dale Anthony

13 Page speed prioritization - Speed and performance

The 2021 update of Google’s algorithm makes loading speed an increasingly crucial factor for SEO. So remember to make your site fast and performance, to prevent users from leaving immediately (53% of users leave a web page that takes more than 3 seconds to load).

Try Google Pagespeed Insights! It is a useful tool to evaluate the speed optimization of a web page.

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