Ciak... he turns around!

Don’t worry, we’re not thinking about going to the movies, but today we’re talking about videos!
When you start thinking about video content most companies immediately imagine that they have to spend a very high budget and spend time and resources with an immense effort. To date, however, producing videos on products and services of their business has an excellent value for money and is feasible even for smaller businesses.
It’ true, the marketing activities are many and different from each other and it’s good to understand which are the most suitable for your company. Now we explain why you should consider incorporating video marketing into your business strategy and you’ll better understand why video marketing is so important in the digital landscape today.

A little bit of data!

According to Cisco’s Web Status and Future Report, the leading company in the Network Routers and Equipment industry, 80% of global Internet traffic is generated by video.
You understand well that they have now taken a position of extreme importance because they are precisely the most viewed and sought after content by users.
As you can see in the report “The State of Video Marketing 2021” by Wyzowl video marketers who have inserted movies within their strategy, have detected these data on the use:

  • 87% say they have good ROI;
  • 86% that helps to generate leads;
  • 87% detect increases in website traffic;
  • 81% believe that it contributes directly to the increase in sales.

Very high data and statistics, that’s why the marketing departments of large companies, which offer a 360% strategy, have introduced this type of content in their advertising plan, finding a return on investment in continuous growth.
In recent years it has become a powerful tool to get in touch with potential customers and is the format that generates the best ROI.

Video is the future of content marketing, which is why it’s worth including it in your company. The data reported by the Wyzowl study already mentioned, report a constant growth trend in all sectors. 87% of video marketing users recognize that such content has increased traffic to the website, ensuring an increase in average stay time per user on each page, generating an increase in leads and, for 80% of respondents, also consistent sales growth.

Are you still not convinced?

Here’s another reason to start shooting videos right away: Google loves them!
It’s true, keywords and texts are essential for SEO, but videos also defend themselves well. When used intelligently, they can have a decisive impact on your strategy. A well-structured, attractive and interesting video marketing content brings a lot of visibility to your site to the prying eyes of Google which can then benefit you in terms of SEO.
A good strategy is also to incorporate valuable movies into your landing pages or site/blog pages. This offers several advantages such as being more likely to receive backlinks or increase the conversion rate.
However, make sure that your movie is SEO-friendly, that is to make sure that the Google crawler has the necessary information to understand your content! It will therefore be better to use:

  • right tags being published;
  • include transcripts;
  • use keyword relevant to the topic.

Types of video content

There are many types of video on the net, so it’s important that you realize, based on your company and your products/ services, which format is better and more effective for you! Let’s see the most widespread:

Demonstration videos show how your product or service works. They are very useful for sales because they give all the necessary information to the customer who therefore will not need further explanation. Similar to these there are also video tutorials, which explain step by step how to use a product, such as assembling a piece of furniture or make a particular trick.

These are typically created as part of a larger advertising campaign, with the purpose of presenting the company. They showcase the vision, mission and products and services and their main goal is to create brand awareness and intrigue users.

They are very useful if you want to explain the point of view of a professional and experienced figure, watching a video with its explanation would be much more effective than a written text, especially if the topic is not entirely simple.
Another type of interview could also be to customers who have purchased a product or used a service. In this case, video reviews could be very useful for those who approach the company for the first time and look for feedback in the opinions of others.

They are live videos, which have been very successful with the advent of social media, especially Facebook and Instagram. In live users deal with the most varied topics, there are those between influencers to present new collaborations and products, there are live for unboxing, or the opening live of a package containing gifts or a special purchase, up to live with the reveal, useful for the launch of a new product.

Typical of social Instagram and TikTok, viral videos are short clips that become popular thanks to their sharing and commented by a large amount of users. Usually they are films that contain a challenge, a ballet or a joke that meets the taste of the public and begins to spread in a capillary way in the network.

It’s time for strategy!

If we have convinced you and you have decided to include videos in your marketing activity there are a couple of useful tips that we would like to share with you.
For the definition of the editorial plan, you can rely on the 3H model.
It’s a strategy elaborated by Youtube for its video campaigns, today it can be applied to all content marketing because it aims to establish an interaction with the audience.
This model involves the creation of three very different video types:

They are created to answer questions or curiosity of the company and that they go to focus on the useful topics for the user-type. These are always valid content, published regularly and also defined as Help content, that is, help, because they are used to give information about products/ services by answering user questions. There are several tools that can help you at this stage such as Google Trends, Answer The Public and Ubersuggest.

These videos are designed and made to involve users who are already customers or who already follow your company, from which you want to achieve an ongoing engagement. The ideal is to create a format that allows you to always update the interests of your target audience, strengthening your brand identity and leading users to create a discussion on the key issues you covered. In addition to this, to make your videos instantly recognizable, create a defined communicative style while maintaining a constant visual language, a suitable tone of voice and tell stories that allow the audience to identify themselves.

At the top of the 3H we find these contents. They are unique videos that aim to amaze and conquer new audiences. They are interactive because they work on user emotions and serve to launch a product or make an important announcement. Express your creativity by making videos that will surprise the viewer. Don’t be afraid, you don’t have to hire actors and special effects from cinemas for this content. Let’s talk about live-stream of an event, video to tell a special meeting, a party, something that is important for your company and that the public also deserves to see.


After all this theory you decided to get down to business? Great, you’re wondering where to publish and spread your videos. Surely, as we said before, Google likes videos, so a first step is definitely to include them in your website. Then launch into the world of social media and have fun interacting with followers by commenting on your videos together. There are many platforms where you can share them, first of all Youtube that has long become a transversal platform where you can find any type of content and enjoyed by all age groups.
Twitch and TikTok, although they seem to be dedicated to the very young, are recently gradually attracting people over the age of 30 and among these we also find many professional figures such as lawyers, doctors, teachers. In addition, Instagram offers a variety of video formats: from IGTV, to stories, to viral reels that compete with TikTok videos.

Through these platforms you can share your content with thousands of users who flock to the web. You can also create ads to increase your video views and reach your target audience.
There are several formats accepted by social for sponsorships, the most common are the single video, the carousel (a set of up to 5 content between photos and videos to be published in sequence) and slideshows (a tool that automatically generates short video clips with the chosen images).
He thinks that according to one of the most recent reports made on Facebook platforms users prefer to watch five times more video than static content. In fact, they generate an average of 59% more engagement and in sponsored ads they guarantee a better performance.

This happens for two fundamental reasons: firstly because the Facebook algorithm prioritizes video content over others, but also because the attention of users is more captured by short films rather than photos. To make these sponsorships work, keep in mind these three tips:

We recommend not too long videos. The time on social media is very short and it is essential that the key phrases are said within the first 7 seconds!
APPEARANCE: your product and your brand must be recognizable.
It’s imperative that at a glance the user recognizes your image and consistency with your company.

your product and your brand must be recognizable.
It’s imperative that at a glance the user recognizes your image and consistency with your company.

Make sure the video is in good quality: opt for a good resolution and choose the recommended formats for each type of social advertising.