Best tools to use

As we have already told in our article dedicated to the theme Content Creator, creativity and expressiveness master on social networks around the world. Anyone can show their artistic vein, experimenting, researching and creating new trends. Often, however, these ideas need suitable tools to be conveyed, such as programs and platforms for the creation of content to be published. We suggest you the best tools to use to exploit your imagination and share it on social networks and blogs.

It’s the most known and used of all, simple and intuitive. You can choose from many models and formats already created and made available to you, just drag the elements chosen from the library in the identified template, add texts and images, choose fonts and colors. Perfect for creating your IG stories with images and texts with refined lettering! It’s free, with the possibility of subscribing for those who use it a lot for their business. If you are in love with Canva you can choose to take it with you thanks to the app that can be downloaded on your device.

It’s an all-in-one creative platform. Here you can easily edit your photos, merge them into collages, edit images and create real graphic projects. Choose the layout you prefer to create content for social media or blogs and customizable thanks to the user-friendly interface. It also exists in the app version to have Be Funky available everywhere! Use the basic features in the free version or subscribe and switch to Be Funky Plus.

It’s a great tool to create graphic projects. It’s very easy to use, perfect for making posts, banners, posters, invitations and much more. Choose from the many templates available and start experimenting with shapes, colors and fonts to create impactful content. Ideal for creating brochures and information material for an event. Available in both free and paid versions.

The platform allows you to create custom interactive images, 360-inch video. By combining physical environments with digital information, you can develop simulations and virtual tours. Through this tool you can also train professional figures for your company remotely or follow jobs and tasks assigned to your students using texts, audio, photos and videos moving learning in the cloud. The best tool to start immersing yourself in the virtual world. Choose the right subscription for your business from the available categories and get started now!

It allows you to become a graphic designer! It’s a free platform that offers many design solutions to create projects. It’s useful for sharing project design, simulating real site or app usage with sensitive areas, and collecting feedback and comments. For this it’s perfect especially for layout presentation or for testing UX and interactions. Choose the free plan, pro or contact the company if your business needs a custom plan.

Over 800 Fonts available for free to choose from for your project, this platform works together with Google Fonts to allow you to find the perfect style for your texts. Ideal for finding inspiration and the right font for your project.

Want to create compelling videos? Here is the platform you will not do without anymore. With Magisto you can edit your videos online, it’s quick and easy and allows you to directly share the finished content and view the insights and trends.
The subscription includes, after the free trial, the premium level, professional or business.

The video maker tool you were looking for! Perfect for creating content for your business directly online, through a rich catalog of photos, videos and templates provided by iStock and Getty Images.
Simple and fun to use, you can be supported by active customer service and ready to help you create the perfect content for your business.
It enjoys many relevant partners such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc and sees among its customers important companies worldwide. Try it for free and if you are satisfied you can choose to subscribe among 3 plans with different levels of benefits.

With InVideo, everyone can create great looking pro videos that engage better, deliver more leads and save time. The library has 5000+ templates, transitions and effects are here to help you create videos easily, quickly and efficiently. No download required and free plan available!

Don’t have a model? No problem, use mockups! To create a presentation or sketch that gives you an idea of what your final product or service will look like, use a mockup. With this tool you can choose from a wide range of templates to which you just add your photos to have the project ready! You can download it for free in low resolution, or buy it for HD.

The app you were looking for to animate your profile! Mojo allows you to turn your posts, photos and ideas into dynamic videos. An alternative way to make photos static in something unique and fun. Download the app now and start experimenting.
The app is free to download with the ability to subscribe to the pro plan to unlock new features.

And to search for images?

Do you have a blog and you can never find images suitable for your articles?
Here are some essential platforms for searching for photos.

It’s part of the Adobe package and collects the best high-resolution images for your projects. The platform requires a subscription and is the most widely used tool by professionals around the world. Choose the perfect photo for you, preview it with watermark and then purchase the license to edit it and adapt it to your graphics.

Similar to Adobe Stock, it allows you to search through a multitude of images and download them for free. The photos are divided by theme and all high resolution. A perfect site for those who are new to the world of graphics.

Did someone say icons? Yes, if you are looking for an effect symbol to include in your presentations, this is the tool for you! A catalog with more than 3 million icons to choose from, you can customize color, size and background and then download it in high definition to use it immediately in your works. They are all downloadable in HD for free, but to unlock features and logins you can choose between the pro account or the unlimited one.

È ora di programmare

Now that your content is ready, you just have to organize it in an editorial calendar and schedule its publication. It’s a strategy that has many benefits, because it allows you a better management of your posts and a considerable saving of time during the month.
Apps and platforms are also available to help you plan your content.
Among the best are Hootsuite, Sked Social, Preview and Planoly: they are all content planners, united by the ability to handle posts for a custom programming that combines the publication of content with any captions, hashtags and related stories. Among these you will find completely free solutions, others with subscription plans according to customer needs.

Now that you have so many choices, you just have to experiment and find the most suitable tool for your ideas and start to unleash your creativity by creating graphic projects and content for the blog or social networks. And if you can’t do it yourself, well then contact us! 😉