Spring has finally arrived

And with it many news for the digital world! So it’s time to get comfortable, maybe kissed by the sun, and carefully read the latest relevant news.


This time it’s TikTok to copy Instagram: the stories have arrived. Just like those of IG disappear after 24 hours and you can upload photos or videos to share with your followers. Will there also be gifs, filters and surveys? We’ll see, what is certain is that the “battle” between the two social continues with hits of updates!

Another important change released by the Chinese app is the increase in the duration of the videos posted. At first it was 15 seconds, then extended to 3 minutes in July 2021. With the latest update there will be the opportunity to record up to 10 minutes of video with the hope, according to a spokesperson for TikTok, to “release even more creative possibilities for our creators around the world”.


This platform also aims to satisfy artists by launching the Ads Incentive Program. It’s an initiative that allows selected profiles to accept – or not – some job offers. In particular, selected partners will be able, for example, to stream a total of 40 hours per month and spend two minutes per hour on advertisements, offering economic compensation.


Lots of news in Meta, especially for our beloved Instagram. It’s officially given the farewell to the IGTV to bet everything on Stories, video and Reels. Here is the introduction of automatic subtitles for video feed, very useful for users with hearing problems. Initially they will be available in 17 languages, to reach as many users as possible. Comes the moderator for live to better manage live streams, comments, reactions and remove unwanted viewers.

The latest novelty that will please parents is the creation of the Family Center: a section where adults can monitor the activities of children on Instagram. You will be able to know the time of stay on the platform, receive a notification when a new content is published and view followers and following accounts.


The battle of Facebook against fake news is not a new fact, but recently the platform has released new tools useful to group administrators to limit the disclosure of false news.
The groups are in fact perhaps the “place” where most of the hoaxes that run around the web are shared and for this reason Meta has added a feature that allows you to automatically block posts with false information, thanks to the contribution of some fact-third-party checkers. In addition, administrators may suspend some members of the group so that they cannot continue publishing or commenting falsehoods.


The American giant launches Amazon Aware! It’s a new sales service dedicated to clothes, cosmetics and household products made totally emission-free. The introduction of these products is now available worldwide, including Italy, and includes the sale of products made with green criteria and certified by independent organizations belonging to the program “Climate Pledge Friendly” initiative coordinated by Amazon to encourage a more conscious purchase.