The time of completely new digital worlds

As we now know, technology is making great strides, evolving more and more quickly and introducing important innovations to solve business and social problems. Keeping up is difficult, but we are trying to present the main emerging technologies that await us in the coming months!


Among the technologies in strong development we find artificial intelligence, already known for its supremacy in the recognition of images and voice, navigation apps, personal assistants for smartphones, etc.
The new horizon is the analysis of interactions to consider user demand and behavior, with the aim of predicting changes and improving experiences.

The step from apps to creating a real virtual reality has been short. Augmented reality today can be available to everyone thanks to new devices, even at low cost, that allow the creation of realistic imaginary worlds.
The AR allows us to see the real world through the camera of our device, with an overlapping digital enhancement.

Numerous apps are already available that take advantage of this technology. The most famous and fun of all is definitely Pokemon Go, the app that shows around the streets and even inside the house, pokémon. The more you catch the more you climb the leaderboard!

Robotica & 3D

“Robots are ready to replace millions of humans in various sectors. But they are nowhere near human beings.”

Will this be the case? In fact, more and more projects are being created that see machines as protagonists, in particular robots. They begin to be created and designed to perform complex work on their own, instead of man. Sometimes they are controlled remotely, but often they are controlled by other machines, computers, which make them completely autonomous.
Robotics is a rapidly developing technology in which everyone believes very much, especially for its usefulness in complex areas such as production, research and surgery.
Alongside the development of robots, we find more and more objects made by another type of machine: 3D printing. Also known as additive manufacturing, it is a technique for layering a three-dimensional object using a computer.
You start by creating the design of an object using a special software, then sent to the 3D printer that overlaps the materials (plastic, dust, filaments and paper) until you get the desired shape. To date, most of the demand for 3D printing is for industrial purposes, but it could take hold and expand to other horizons.


Not just for fun, drones are increasingly finding their place in the tech industry of late. These small unmanned aerial vehicles are able to simplify a variety of commercial activities, mapping, also useful for search and rescue.

Their advantage is to be fast in data collection, drastically reducing the time and workload of a team of natural persons. This factor could be decisive for the world market, especially for some socially useful activities. The biggest concern about these technologies is privacy. Getting up in the air a drone could fly over your home, observing and recording all the useful data. That is why there are still many debates on the part of human rights activists.

The growth forecast of this market is also fed by other emerging technologies, such as the first mentioned augmented reality and artificial intelligence.

A new use of drones is now being tested by some startups around the world, who are experimenting with them for home deliveries. Books, food, medicine, are some of the deliveries that have been made to date. I wonder if in the future the ordered takeout food will also come from heaven!

IT & Blockchain

For the evolution of technological trends that will characterize the coming months there is definitely a spotlight on privacy and data security. Among the most popular proposals we find solutions in the cloud, automation systems processes and activities of IT and blockchain.

We are already witnessing an automation of IT departments, with a reduction of manual tasks of systems in development activities. The rise of smart working and the growing spread of connected devices are amplifying the need to increase cybersecurity in companies. So this sector is starting to expand strongly, looking for effective solutions that can lead to real progress in the security field.

Speaking of data and digital resources, this is where blockchain technology comes in. It’s a decentralized and distributed register that keeps track of the origin of the data.
These cannot be modified or manipulated, which makes this technology valuable for areas such as payments, cybersecurity, and healthcare. The goal is to allow the recording and distribution of digital information, but not the modification. In doing so, the blockchain becomes a source of wealth because the information cannot be altered, erased or destroyed in any way.

The issue of cryptocurrencies has already been central to discussions on future technological developments for several months. During the first Digital Edition of the N-Conference, organized by the Ninja Academy, blockchain was cited as one of the most promising “enabling technologies”. If you missed this article, you can find it here.

The challenge

The future is, by definition, uncertain, unknown and unclear. We don’t know for sure where we’re going, whether we’re going to make incredible discoveries or whether machines are going to take over human intelligence.
What is certain is that technology is now present in our lives in a significant way and will certainly continue its expansion in all possible areas, hoping to achieve achievements in both the social and economic spheres.
Who knows how much more we will have to marvel at the fascination of technology, where it will take us and what future scenarios await us.
It is good, however, to embrace a significant phrase said by Mike Bechtel, head of the department of innovative technologies of Deloitte, “Eyes to the skies, feet firmly on the ground“.