Innovative ads

The world of applications is consolidated as a new growing trend, we have already talked about it extensively in this article.

For a company of any size, whether it owns an e-commerce or not, it’s a shame not to climb the crest of the wave by implementing its own app for fear that the initial investment for its creation will be spent in vain. We must not forget that about 90% of apps in stores are free, and that customers will certainly prefer to download them without spending a penny rather than activate a subscription. It was not our intention to discourage you… we just wanted to make a general picture on the current mobile market and… introduce you to admob!

This is a Google platform that allows you to generate revenue by allowing third parties to place ads in your app. It makes this easy because it provides innovative, high-quality ad formats and advanced monetization technology, thereby maximizing the value of each impression.

You probably already know its “mobile version”, Google Adsense. When you browse third-party sites and come across an advertisement, you are faced with this picture: an advertiser who, with Google Ads sponsorship, creates ads that will be shown on third-party sites (according to their relevance and the interests of its audience), the creator of websites, which through Google Adsense decides to make available spaces, in which Google can post advertising content and… the user! For every click of the user the advertiser spends a few cents (the so-called cost per click) and the owner of the website earns it.

Similarly, in-app ads are created (and paid for) by advertisers who want to run their sponsorships among the in-app audience. Once spaces have been created in the app, admob analyzes your audience and the one set up for the ad and makes a match in case of compatibility. Google Adsense and admob could therefore be defined, in a sense, as intermediaries.

Keep in mind that admob is one of the largest global advertising networks, operating with millions of advertisers. That’s why the demand and likelihood of ads showing relevant content with your app will always be high.

The benefits are for both sides

Showing ads to your customers will help you create a secure revenue stream that you can invest in to grow your business and develop a quality app. On the advertiser’s side the advantage is to be able to reach new profile customers. For the user, the real benefit is to be able to download an app for free, but also the convenience of finding a product that might be of interest to him while browsing the app, and to be able to skip the adv if not interested.

Here are some significant data about admob and the app landscape:

  • 810 of the 1000 best apps for Android uses admob;
  • 97 of the top 100 Ad Age advertisers worldwide buy ads on admob
  • Over 1 million apps use admob
  • Over 1 million Google advertisers are on admob

But... It also has its merits!

That’s right... the above was an objective description of the app... Here are the real advantages!

Mediation and revenue maximization
The higher the demand, the more competitive the market becomes, and the more advertisers spend. All this generates very high filling rates and CPM globally.

The different ad formats and their innovative graphics keep user satisfaction and engagement high, which can be translated into a higher click-through rate.

You can check the ads that appear on your app at any time and block and remove ads that seem out of line with your brand and its values.

Information and data
Admob offers intelligent and intuitive analytics and reporting capabilities that help you better understand how users interact and optimize lifetime value.

Admob reaches apps of any type and country, supports multiple currencies, adjusts to various fill rates.

Monitoring and processing tasks are automatic. The tools offered by the platform allow you to have brand security controls, monetization technology, mediation and bidding without moving a finger.