Google has launched Interview Warmup: a tool that helps to practice for interviews by providing feedback on how to improve responses. The recruitment phase can generate a lot of anxiety and concern in the candidate, especially if it’s a new sector or the first experiences. Google has therefore decided to help by creating this free tool that brings together the experience of a variety of HR experts and the latest machine learning to provide those who use it valuable help in preparation.

You start by selecting the profession. Clicking on “Start Practicing” will propose the most common questions from the selectors, both about their personal background and training experiences, without forgetting any more technical requests. The Interview Warmup allows you to repeat the session as many times as you want, also the system records and transcribes in real time the answers. By re-reading them, the candidate can understand how to improve!


Goodbye to Internet Explorer

After more than 25 years, Microsoft’s browser closed on June 15. The software will no longer be available on Windows versions and all users are redirected to Microsoft Edge. It’s now a program no longer in step with the times, unsafe and not able to support many of the sites made with modern technologies. The first version was launched in 1995 and the last one was released in 2013.


Let’s talk about Reel

After the longest duration of 90 seconds, more news are coming. Creators now have access to a library of improved sound effects, to give an extra touch to their content. Now there is also the possibility to import audio files. The new function is accessible via the new switch “Import audio”. Only on condition that the clip lasts at least five seconds.

In addition to these new features for the Reels also come new methods of checking the age of users. It often happens that children, in order not to have the limited profile dedicated to minors, change their date of birth and pretend to be of age. With the new facial recognition this risk will be reduced: the artificial intelligence system will come into play when a user changes the age by entering one from 18 up. Instagram will then ask you to verify it using one of three options: upload your ID, record a selfie video, or ask your mutual friends to confirm your age. The goal of these new systems, in addition to protecting children from unsuitable content, is also to make the platform experience more personalized. Not only suggested content based on your in-app behavior, but also age-appropriate posts and videos.


Find work on Tinder? Today you can, if you live or plan to live in France! 

It’s the last trick of the French government to recruit young people for the jobs of this summer season. Scrolling through the various profiles there are ads that refer to the site 1 jeune 1 solution (a young person, a solution), where questions and job offers converge.  The campaign started on June 9 and will end on July 31. The ads that appear on Tinder show slogans like: «Are you struggling to find a summer job?» «Join the adventure to create your future» or «Are you looking for an opportunity?».  An unusual but innovative way to reach many young job seekers.


Have you ever wanted to try a pair of shoes before buying them online, maybe to better understand how they are and evaluate their shape, color, type? 

Now you can thanks to Amazon! A new feature was launched on June 9: the Virtual Try-On

Thanks to this virtual reality system, you can wear shoes and try them out before you buy them! The goal of Amazon Fashion, explained Erdirik, is  “create innovative experiences that make online fashion shopping easier and more enjoyable for customers. We are excited to present Virtual Try-On for Shoes, so that customers can try thousands of models of brands they know and love at their leisure, wherever they are. We look forward to listening and learning from customer feedback as we continue to improve the experience and expand to more brands and styles.”