Why buy from us?

Online shops have increased exponentially in recent years. From multinationals to small shops of the country, many have opened e-commerce. How to push, then, users to buy right from us?

One of the most widespread strategies, but sometimes viewed with skepticism, is promotion!
It’s about encouraging consumers to buy in our shop as quickly as possible. It should not be confused with advertising, which simply offers “arguments” to buy. The goal is to increase the value of a purchase if you take advantage of an opportunity available only on our website.

We must therefore give our potential customers a reason to buy something from us and not from other competitors.

The price factor

The cost of a product is one of the key factors in our buyer’s decision-making process. A test? 65% of people say they spend more than a quarter of an hour comparing the best prices on different websites.

If you want to be the winning shop in this war by clicking on the “buy now” button, we recommend that you make promotions on your shop.

Remember, however, that every promotion activity, in addition to being advantageous for the customer, must also have an advantage for your shop. Whether you want to earn potential customers, make yourself known, sell inventories, sell more or any other, the promotion must always be profitable for your business.

Running out of ideas? We’ll give you some ideas!

Il tag/hashtag
You can choose to donate an item or discount coupon to people who mention you on social media after making a purchase. For example, your customer who buys a pair of shoes, could make an IG story tagging you in exchange for 10% discount code on the next purchase or a product for their care as a gift.

Are you afraid this is too laborious a procedure for you? Don’t worry, technology’s on your side. Recently launched two plugins to install directly in the backend of your site to help you not to miss customer mentions. For WooCommerce is WooCommerce Social Share Discount Coupon, for prestashop is the module All In One Rewards.

The minutes counted
If your user has little time, they will tend to make their purchase decision in less time. By setting a timer that tells you how many minutes, hours, or days you have left before the promotion fades, you’ll feel the urge to inquire, compare, and convert first.

Also for this type of plugin strategy we come to the aid: WooCommerce Coupons Countdown for WooCommerce and Countdown Specials in prestashop.

The counted products
In addition to the time component, you can also play on logistics, depending on your stock availability or a limited product offer. The time of stay inside the funnel is greatly reduced even if on your site the user sees written: “20% discount only on the first 50 purchases”, “only 25 pieces available”, “price blocked at €XXX on the first 40 purchases”. Even “free shipping on the first 50 purchases” always has its why in the eyes of the user 😉.

Loyalty rewards
According to some statistics, attracting a new customer is 7 times more expensive than keeping an existing one. So why not invest your promotional budget on those who have already given satisfaction? Reward your loyalty with a discount code, an advantage, faster or free shipping…

Attendance award
It’s difficult to give visibility to some aspects of the products through the online shop window. The beauty of buying in physical shops is to be able to touch, see closely, try, before buying something. Unfortunately it’s not possible to replicate this kind of experience in the digital field (at least for now 🙄). But you can be a “spokesperson” of your experience by trying or describing a product available in the shop, via live streaming on social networks! At the end of the live video you can leave a discount code, so you can have measurable data on how many people made the purchase after your performance!

The user is accustomed to discounts or free shopping options. If this is what you want to offer, you can propose it differently. So why not propose a game or an unexpected surprise effect? You can also play with different possibilities, like free shipping, a discount code or a pay one get two.

Certainly for an online shop it’s more difficult to distribute samples of products or new launches, because you can not interface directly with the customer who requires it.
A good idea is to put them in every time you pack an order, but you could also give the customer the opportunity to request it without buying. A good strategy is to send them by charging only for shipping, in exchange for an email address to send your newsletter!

You could also choose the way of the contest to make you know new users and invite those back to buy. With an initiative like “buy an article from our shop and post a photo on social media! You will be placed among the winners of a voucher worth €300! The lucky one will be drawn on July 15…” You can increase the number of conversions, retain customers and make followers of each competitor known.
Don’t underestimate the bureaucratic part of the competition. There are several laws to comply with, such as having the winner validated by a notary. For this reason it can be seen as a more expensive initiative than the others.

Word of mouth
We’ve already talked about mentioning and other ways to make yourself known to users who follow our customers. A little different is the “bring a friend”. After a conversion, you can reward a customer if they make a friend make another purchase. In this way you will have received a new buyer, who can continue with this procedure.

In England this technique has a proper name: BOGOF (buy one, get one free). It’s about giving an additional product to the one already purchased.
It can also be a 5×3 or a 10×7, or that the least expensive item of the three you want to buy you pay half or one euro.

This is an initiative to be taken into consideration because it brings great advantages for both the customer and the seller. It consists in sending the products to the customer at a scheduled frequency, with a discount applied.
For example, do you know that on average the shampoo on your e-commerce has a duration of two months for the customer? Then offer the customer the opportunity to have it, without having to order, every other month, at a more advantageous price for a year. In this way the buyer will not have to think, at the end of the product, to proceed with a new purchase, will save and you will have a loyal user for a period of time.

Give a product with an order placed on a third party website
If you find another partner in the world of e-commerce, keep it close! The same goes for physical shops. If your items are complementary, you can leave one of your products or a discount coupon on your shop inside the package, or bag if it is a real store so its buyers will know your brand and what you can offer.

Don’t get lost in practice

A good marketing idea is not enough for your promotional sales to work and be profitable for your company.
Here are four best practices that will help you achieve your goals.

  1. Understand what your target audience is
    Don’t leave to the “who is interested in buying will take advantage” the fate of your offer. Rather, study a niche audience that may be interested in a certain advantage and create an ad hoc offer.
    This isn’t just about targeting the public on the basis of personal data. Try to understand also what is holding back their purchase (“I don’t want to pay for the shipment”, “I don’t make an order with such a large amount if I don’t know the products”, “I don’t know if the size is right”, etc…)
  2. Set goals
    You need to figure out where you’re going to go before you can take the right path. Lighten the stock in the old collection warehouse? Then set yourself the goal of selling 70% of inventories at a discounted price within a given period. Put the numbers on paper so you can track whether your campaign was good or not and what to improve in both cases.
    At the end of the promotion, evaluate the results achieved. Have you achieved a positive ROI? How long? Were your customers happy to see that promo on your shop? What do they expect now?
  3. Limited availability
    Always put a limit to the possibility of taking advantage of a promo, otherwise your offer will become a service offered by the shop, and will not give you an edge in the eyes of the consumer.
  4. Be clear and offer real profit for the customer
    Communicate your offer so that the user understands it easily, and is not afraid to run into “scams”.
    Your buyer must also be easily aware of your promotion, so it must be clearly visible on social media and on your website. Ask yourself which offer can really have a value for your customer, the benefit they are looking for, what will make them choose your product among many and be satisfied with its purchase.


Remember that beyond the goal of grabbing customer conversion, promotions can be useful for many other reasons, such as:

  • be known, especially at an early stage if you are a brand just born or you have just launched a new product or service;
  • generate traffic to the site, always useful to let potential buyers know what you offer and give an extra sprint to the SEO ranking;
  • generate Lead, you can give a discount or a particular advantage in exchange for something… What do you think about a Lead, to be used in your turn in the future?
    Stimulate the demand of customers, not only of those just acquired, but also of the older ones;
  • Remain competitive with competitors, well yes, online promotions are among the very few means available…