The turning point

Do you know that feeling when you’re searching for something online and in that exact moment it appears to you? Well, sometimes it’s fate, sometimes… it’s a trigger!

This term comes from the UK and allows you to attract the user with precise and personalized communications made for a specific purpose or action, thanks to automized and real sophisticated mechanisms. The name comes from Trigger Marketing, the automation marketing strategy that finds the right point to press, to make the client do that precise action. To be successful, it’s primary to know very well who you’re talking to and to do it in a customized way, so the person we’re referring to can feel unique and courted by our brand.

Here is a practical example! You’re visiting an online shop and you put something in the cart or in the wishlist. You don’t buy anything, so after a while, you receive an email that remembers you of your cart and to complete your expense. In most cases, you’re tempted to go and look what you forgot there and you convince yourself to even buy it, especially if there’s a discount. That’s a typical example of trigger marketing, the right message, at the right moment.

You can clearly see how much potential this messages have and how many ways of interacting there are. Most people know that trigger messages are used in the emails, but not only. You can use personalized messages on your website, in the apps with push notifications or offline with SMS.

Triggered email

Triggered emails are automized messages that work for your brand and give you a huge help when you talk about re-marketing strategies.

Key moments define the sending of the message and help the consumer to get close to our brand. There are some email examples that can’t miss in your brand:

1. Welcome email: it’s the email you send when someone subscribes to your website. It represents a real must in the communication with your clients. It defines the beginning of your relationship. First impression really counts! 

2. Post purchase email: during an online shopping experience, the digital shopper is always a little worried. That’s why after his purchase it’s always a good idea to reassure him. Let him know that everything is ok. That’s an essential pillar of customer care.

3. Personalized email: a birthday, Mother’s Day, personalized emails remember to your customer that you know him and that you care!

4. Wake up email: usually a customer signs in on you website, but then doesn’t buy anything. Try to offer him something he won’t resist to, remember him your brand and your products. It’s a great way to wake up your client!

5. Follow up email: after a purchase, send your customer an email to ask a feedback about the service you offered. Always remember your client that you exist and you’re thinking about him!

Trigger marketing on the website

When a potential client surfs our website, every moment it’s perfect to start a conversation, offer help or be useful to him. Can be extremely useful to send trigger messages, to reinforce your brand awareness and increase your brand loyalty. By viewing the customer behavior on your website, you can understand his interests and take him to find his answers and to buy your products. Some helpers to understand what he likes are: the time he spends on a page, the click he makes, the section he views.

There are some messages you should increase on you platform:

trigger hello message

It’s shown in the dialogue window, after the access to the website or to a chat. It’s a fundamental action and very easy to implement on your site.

trigger assistance message

Based on the time a person spends on a page, we can understand his likes and dislikes and give him a few tips to make him buy our products.

trigger AD MESSAGE

Can be used to publicize the discounts, like during discounts or during the Black Friday.

Today trigger marketing it’s a very powerful weapon, it means you know who you’re talking to and what he wants, with a personalized and bidirectional message. Both parts give and receive a transmission of information, this allows the brand to talk with the user and increase the engagement level!

Always remember that your message must be clear, simple and brief, to avoid boring the reader and for an optimal result!