Abandoned carts

They look to different products, they add to favourites, they put it in the cart… And then they don’t buy? If you have an online e-commerce, you know clearly what we’re talking about!

At the moment of the checkout a lot of stuff can happen: the shopper counts the shipment’s cost to make sure it’s worth it, he searches on the net for a coupon to add to his expense, or the way to the purchase it’s just too long and he doesn’t complete it.

The percentage of abandoned carts to a global level is 80,86% (most of it comes from mobile devices). The estimated loss sale is about 18 billion euros. 😱 It’s than clear, how important it is to optimize the purchase flow on an online shop. We have some suggestions that you could apply to lower your average of loss sale!

1. Semplify the payment

Having a long checkout process, can be stressful for some people. Ask only the necessary details you need for the order’s billing and shipment. Don’t ask personal information you don’t need, or your client will be suspicious and won’t complete the purchase.

2. Pay in only one page

It is estimated that the 21% of the clients, doesn’t complete the purchase because the process is too complicated and long. An option you can give to your customers is giving the possibility to pay on the same page where he sees the product, or choosing to add only one more page after clicking the button “Go to cart”.

3. Guest checkout

During the online shopping, allow your client to register to your e-commerce or to continue the shopping as a guest. When a person chooses to buy from your shop, usually registers and subscribes to your newsletter because he’s interested in your brand, but forcing him to register is never a good idea. Always give the opportunity to choose.

4. Integrated payments on your website

Allow the payments directly on your website. This way you’ll speed up the process and you’ll keep everything monitored from the beginning of the process. Always allow the customers to save their data so it’ll be easier and quicker the next time they’ll buy from your website. Also, make sure you’ve integrated different payment methods, even the famous and trendy payment by installments, so you won’t lose potential buyers!

5. Social login

Signing in is always a boring passage that nobody loves: add to your shop the chance to login using Google or other social media. This way the customer will make the login in a few seconds and you’ll also have more information about him than on a guest customer.

Other useful advices

This advices will ease your checkout and increase the brand loyalty, but to make everything possible, always remember to check the speed of your website! In fact, 41% of the people leave the page if this doesn’t load fast enough! Images are the ones that take more time to load, so be sure you compress your files and upload them in the right format. Try for example the WebP, you’ll immediately see the difference.

Try also considering a points program that rewards the client after every purchase, after inviting a friend or writing a review, etc. This will bring more involvement and will bring people closer to your brand. This way, for the next purchase they’ll still choose you, because you’re offering something more!

If you have certifications, show them on your website pages and at the checkout moment. Use pictures with testimonials to show that your brand is wore/used by happy people that chose you by themselves.
Make sure that all your contact information are always available on your website and if you think it might be useful, add a support chat.

Try always to look and think forward, especially about your clients’ needs. Create a easier way through the purchasing you want to happen and remember that the checkout is one of the most important phase to make the deal happen, so everything must be clear, fast and simple.