As we already told you in one of our last Instagram Post (if you’re not following us yet, click here ) TikTok is becoming more and more important in the musical market, so much that it started a partnership with Ticketmaster, the platform you use to buy your tickets for concerts and shows.
Thanks to this collaboration, the users will be able to have access to the events directly from the app, without being redirected to the browser.

Happy people dance in nightclub party concert and listen to music from DJ on the stage in background. Cheerful crowd celebrate Christmas and New Year party 2018. Young people lifestyle and nightlife.


For the first time in his history, Meta has registered a fall into its profits equal to 1%, during the second quarter of the year. This giant has resent of a decrease into AD expenses, but also of more aggressive competitors.
The social wants to exploit artificial intelligence to recommend contents to the users and stop only showing them post of the accounts they already are following (especially for Instagram, that is focusing more on videos, raising a lot of miscontents saying “make Instagram Instagram Again”, we talked about it here).


A few days ago, Adam Mosseri, explained in a Twitter video the news about Stories & Reels. The first one is that using the sticker Add Yours in your stories will sign your stories with your signature and you’ll be recognized like the creator.
The other 2 news are about Reels, but not the ones we’re used to see on Instagram, we’re talking about the ones on Facebook (until now it was only possible to publish pictures). Now you can connect your instagram and Facebook accounts to make a crossposting of contents. Also, will be available also for Meta, the insights, so you will be able to follow the coverage, the viewing time, ecc.


Shuffles was born and connected immediately to social media and is already a trend! Thanks to Shuffles you can make your collages less boring and more inviting using the pictures of your library. Once you choose your subject you can modify them as you wish and if you really want to be creative, you can add animation and other special effects to make them look alive. Last but not least, share your collage or use the share function with your friends in private so they can collaborate with you.


A few days ago have been presented some news about Telegram too. The first is the creation of an emoji platform to create personalized sets for who has a Premium account. The new emoji can be added into your messages and into your media captions.

Still for premium account owners, there’s the ability to modify the privacy settings bound to the voice messages. It’s been introduced the chance to limit the messages to All, My contacts or Nobody. You can also select entire groups of people or only individuals to which you can prevent these kind of messages.