New shopping habits

Every year consumers give life to new shopping habits, extremely influenced by the social media.

In fact, 87% of the buyers declare to be influenced by the content they see online. That’s why today it’s extremely important to come up with a strategy to integrate in your e-commerce communication development plan. Social network attracted 4.62 billions of users in 2022, which means the 58,4 % of the world population. Between this percentage there’s for sure also your “buyer persona”. The platforms are a lot and new ones will keep coming. But it’s correct to know them very well to understand which one can be perfect to be used for your activity, your needs and your products.

This article aims to be a guide for the most popular social media in the world, with all the useful data and essential information to understand which is the best fit for your business.

Social Selling

Social selling is a usage strategy for selling, with the purpose to grow your activity. The objective is to identify clients that might be your buyer persona and convert them into actual clients. it’s a research, selection and interaction project.

Now it’s possible to promote and to sell your products directly on the platforms thanks to new functionalities and to ad campaigns that you can adapt as you wish. That’s why the border between e-commerce and social media is becoming more and more fragile.

Amongst the lots of benefits you can get from the activity on social network, there’s the opportunity to get known by the big crowd. This helps with the awareness of your brand and it helps it. If you share your content at the right moment, on the right platform and with a correct tone of voice, you’ll have all the chances to attract potential and qualified buyers. Also, it’s a great channel to develop traffic through your e-commerce. The more people talk about you on social media, more you’ll be visible and your content will be shared and you’ll have more chances to get new clients.

Furthermore, thanks to the online job you’ll be able to get close to your clients, reach them directly and answer to their questions, thank them for the interest shown into your products and update them with news. The secret is to interact with your followers to get a feedback on your job.

Key points

Let’s now see some useful data on the trends of social media in the last months and on different platforms! Actually there are 4.62 billion users that are active, this means the 58% of the population in the world, of which 46% are women and 54% are men.

The top 10 platform looks like this:

  1. FACEBOOK – USA 2004
  2. YOUTUBE – USA 2005
  3. WHATSAPP – USA 2009
  4. INSTAGRAM – USA 2021
  5. WECHAT – CHINA 2011
  6. TIKTOK – CHINA 2016
  7. MESSENGER – USA 2011
  8. DOUYIN – CHINA 2016
  9. QQ – CHINA 1999
  10. SINAWEIBO – CHINA 2009

Amongst these, Whatsapp if the most favorite for 15.7% of the users, while TikTok was the most downloaded in the 2021.

Here below are some precious information on the most used social media!
If you have an e-commerce you should understand how all these social media work, to realize which one is the perfect fit for you to reach your clients. Active users, gender distribution and advantages, find everything below!

2.19 billions of people use actively this tool every month, showing how Facebook, even if in Italy it’s seen as “for old people social”, it’s still really appreciated in the rest of the world. Facebook sees greater use from men with a 56% that beats a 44% of female use. Using Facebook for your own e-commerce online can be useful to promote your products, in fact this social is well known for raising sales if used in the right way. It also allows to create a community, increasing the loyalty of your clients.

Instagram is a social media born in 2010 and today sees the active use of 1.478 billions of people every month. The use of this social sees an almost equal use of female and male users, with a 52% vs a 48%. Here you can create a shop window and a very specific image of your brand, with images, videos and stories. Instagram proposes a kind of content that can reach a very young target and it can create a community around your brand and the sponsorship of your products.

Twitter is a social used mainly by male users, in fact the 70% of them is a man. This social sees a lower number of monthly users, with 436.4 millions of active users, that use it to inquire about the news or specifically fields. Twitter is also known for its big use during politics campaigns. It also allows to monitor the reputation of your brand and to create interactions and connections with clients and possible clients.

Linkedin is a social used by young people, between 25 and 34 years old, with 57% of men and 43% of women. It is known as “the job social” and as “the serious social” where the profiles of users and and brands are introduced in a professional way with the aim of creating networking and contacts for future jobs. Linkedin allows to promote your activity and to increase visibility, keeping monitored your competitors.

In the Pinterest’s world there is a mainly female touch, with 77% of female users, and most of the people using Pinterest are Gen Y and Gen Z, so they’re very young audience. Here you can promote your products, posting images and videos of them, including your website link. If you have an e-commerce you can create an account business and use various dedicated functions.

YouTube is also known as “the Google of videos” and has a tremendous audience. 2.5 billions users are monthly active on this social and 122 million people use Youtube every single day! The use of YouTube comprehends users of all ages, with 54% of men and 46% of women. YouTube allows you to create your own channel and to post videos. The growth of your views, will allow the born of communities and a high awareness of your person and your brand. It also allows to improve your SEO, addressing your followers on your site, and giving you potential clients every day, with whom you’ll be able to create a strong bond.

Snapchat is the perfect platform to use if your target is very young. 40% of the users has between 18 and 24 years, with a 54% of female users and a 36% of male users. This social allows you to post creative contents as stories and to show your products. Thanks to its principal function of messaging it allows you to create a very strong bond with your customers.

TikTok depopulate in the 2021, becoming the number 1 more downloaded app. It has a really young audience, in fact teenagers here have the power, with a 60% of the users between 16 and 24 years, of which 60% is a girl.
TikTok allows you to share videos, quick and fun content that can create a really strong bond with the customer. You can create challenges to propose using your products, that’s a strategy that everybody loves and that creates connections. The engagement rate is very high, especially using the trend of the moment.

Whatsapp is the number one messaging application. There are more than 100 billions messages sent through this social media every day. 52% of the users are men and 48% are women.
Using this social in your online shop can help you be very close with the client, giving him a real close and personalized assistance, with immediate answers. It also allow you to send news on you products and services, by the new newsletter function that ensures you that the content will be seen and open.

Twitch is the platform of live streaming number one in the world. Born for video games, it can reach a lot of male users, in fact 65% of the users are male, versus only a 35% of female users. Using this social can help you reach users that are connected in real time. During a live you have the chance to interact with people and their comments, creating a strong bond with your followers.

Discord was born as a messaging social, that has more than 12.000 bots that you can connect to your account. Every bot has different qualities and is ready to be used. At least 9 minutes every day are spent on this social media by the subscribers, so it can be really useful for your e-commerce for a direct interaction with clients, asking them a feedback. It allows you to create also groups of people where your clients can meet and interact one with another, creating a sense of belonging and a strong friendship.