To celebrate content creators, Meta has launched Creators of Tomorrow, a campaign entirely dedicated to the selection of talent in various parts of the world that every day offer their contribution with innovative and eye-catching digital content through Meta’s platforms. From gaming, to fashion, to food, even the 10 selected Italians are getting noticed and have been counted in the list of Creators of Tomorrow provided by Meta. Young talents will benefit from workshops and will be involved in new projects to make the most of all Meta technologies, especially if you think that they could contribute strongly to the future of the Metaverse and the creativity of the future.


Finally, micro-news par excellence has introduced the function “edit tweets“. For now, the option lends itself to a test phase and is only active in certain regions specific to Twitter Blue subscribers. However, there are limits to what is new: the change can take place within 30 minutes of the tweet and up to a maximum of 5 minutes. This range of time is enough to correct any grammatical or typing errors or to include relevant hashtags and so on. Such tweets will also contain a label that will tell the viewer that it’s not seeing original content, but revisited. This is to protect the integrity and transparency of the information shared on social media and have a track of what is being said publicly.


These are two new features introduced on Instagram. The first is that the social network is testing the Repost button very similar to the Twitter one, a function that seems to be working for some time, as can be seen from the Twitter profile of the researcher of the app Alessandro Paluzzi. However, Instagram has recently announced the official start of the testing phase at techcrunch.
Another novelty, which perhaps will displease shoppers 2.0, is that soon the store tab will disappear, this to return to focus more on advertising revenue rather than on the purchase platform.


The new update will fill all our chats with new emojis and reactions, especially regarding premium accounts. For free users, Telegram will allow access to dozens of reactions, previously only available for upgrades, both within a private chat and in a group. As for Premium users, they will have plenty of new emojis and the ability to add up to three reactions per message, as well as the ability to insert animated emojis next to their names.

Tik Tok

The famous social network of Generation Z, now more and more widespread, and the Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana have become partners on the occasion of Milan Fashion Week, with the aim of promoting Made in Italy and Italian fashion with the possibility of greater creativity in the contents, in perfect Tik Tok style. The social will focus on new in-app artistic solutions, such as a mix of music, sustainability, inclusiveness and behind the scenes in the fashion world. The CNMI, instead, will study the new trends that are created from the platform.
Another novelty is the addition of a Be Real-like feature called “Tik Tok Now“, with a dedicated app. During the day, the social media will send reminders to users to share in real time instant photos and selfies, without filters or changes, using both the front and back camera!
News of the last hours is instead the introduction of the negative vote for video comments. After a test phase, a version of the app was released that allows you to use the “don’t like” button to disapprove of inappropriate comments within the various contents.