Time to change in the Meta home, starting with the social network most used by young people, Instagram. Many new features to improve the usability of the app.

Among the tests currently being verified are those to insert more than one link and a song in your biography. The song will appear under the personal data with the possibility of even a short description. In this first phase the songs will not be playable, but it may become feasible with subsequent updates.

New placements for ads that will be displayed in the explorer and between profile posts. Under evaluation also the “achievements” for the reels, that is, certificates that indicate the progress of the content to the Creator and that could be part of what will be your Portfolio, a function that allows you to organize a media kit with insights and past works to be presented to brands for new collaborations.

Rose Gold 3d Interface Media Player Mockup


If so far we have told how Instagram has updated its app to look more and more like the Chinese social network, here is a reversal: now it’s TikTok to copy! Photo Mode has been launched, a function that allows you to load photo carousels with music or audio clips spoken background and captions up to 2,200 characters. Now they start to look more and more… who will be the favorite of users at the end of the year? Stay tuned!

Not only ballets, memes and funny videos, even literature is now increasingly social! A new trend is born and is depopulating online with a boom in published content, is the #BookTok. Short reviews and advice from readers, while the authors use it to promote their works. This phenomenon should not be underestimated since the hashtag has so far obtained more than 84 billion views.

Rumors from the web indicate a possible breakthrough for live videos. It will not be enough to be 16 years old to realize them, but the majority. It seems that from the end of November 2022 there will be the introduction of this new limit that will allow greater control and security of the platform.

Woman influencer presenting yellow book in front of recording smartphone. Similing content creator broadcasting review for social media channel in home studio with microphone and laptop.


It’s time to talk about it, the BeReal phenomenon is literally getting out of hand! Nicknamed the anti-instagram this app has a precise format: photograph what you see and yourself simultaneously, not when you want it, but when the notification arrives “it’s time for a BeReal!”

You have 120 seconds to shoot, no filters, hashtags, changes to your face, but only the real reality. The contents of your network of friends are visible only after publishing their own and there are no other sections to stay online all day, once you see the photos of your friends the game is done. A way to encourage not to spend hours in front of the screen, but only a few seconds!


We’ll hear more talking about the Metaverse, even because Meta has has come up with a lot new assets and resources to use in a specific way in the new world. In particular there was a lot of talking about the Meta Quest Pro, the first viewer that doesn’t need any other device to be connected with, like a smartphone or a pc. In Italy it will be available from the 25th October at the price of 1799,99 euro, it has very wide memories for archiving and it has more than 10 sensors to obtain the data necessary to offer an immersive experience.

Asso Influencer

Asso influencer is the first Italian association recognized by MISE that represents and protects influencers and content creators. Even if they’re the most followed people in Italy and in the world, influencers are still less protected legally talking, from here the idea of creating a real union to assist and defend who does this as a profession. It’s a big market, as the value of the so-called influencer marketing multiplies every year and is currently close to 14 billion.

The founder and lawyers Jacopo Ierussi and Valentina Salonia’s mission is easy: protect workers in a market segment that Italian companies can no longer do without.

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