Black Friday was born in the USA in 1924 from an idea of Macy’s department stores to start shopping and the long-awaited Christmas phase. In recent years it has become a fixture for all shopping fanatics!

The date for 2022 is November 25 and November 28 will be the equally famous and anticipated Cyber Monday! However, more and more brands are extending the promotion period to several days. Amazon has launched Black Week and many companies have decided to adopt this discount policy.

In 2021, the Italians really showed themselves to the promotions of this period so as to reach a total amount spent that is around 1.8 billion euros.

For 2022 the studies show that more than half of consumers will make at least one purchase, with an average expenditure of 182 euros.

If you have an online shop then you must prepare yourself as best as possible to face these busy days and take advantage of consumers ready to spend and seize your offers.

This is why we have decided to recommend some strategies for these crazy discount days!

Do some research

Before you leave, do some research on consumer behavior, analyzing last year’s data, trying to predict how users will move.

According to data from Think With Google, 52% of consumers plan to use the promos to buy Christmas gifts with the choice of products that respect their values. In fact it seems that from now on:

  • 75% of Italians choose to buy a product or a brand because they consider it to be of quality;
  • 70% opt for useful gifts, 26% lasting and 23% personalized;
  • 78% of users are ready to give up a known brand in favor of a sustainable one.

What to know about discounts

Even if it’s difficult to keep up with the biggest marketplaces and with the bargain prices of the main competitors, choose well on which products to apply discounts and maxi-discounts, without indiscriminately doing it on the entire catalog.

This is because when participating in the Black Friday initiative, you must never forget what consumers’ perception of the quality of your products is. If the discount is excessive or the promotion is not properly designed, your product could “change its image” and be devalued in the blink of an eye.

At the same time, however, users expect discounts of a certain value, which are around 30-50%. They must feel that they are facing a unique, unrepeatable and unmissable opportunity!

Then it’s not certain that the only way is to apply a discount, there are other options you can bet on such as gift cards, timed offers, gift points and 2x promotions.

Mobile app e Newsletter

Focusing on apps and newsletters seems to be a winning strategy.

Most purchases are made from a mobile device; therefore, promising an extra discount to those who download the app or to the most loyal users could be a winning move to capture the target portion of mobile buyers, making them perceive convenience, quality and special discounts just for them.

Even through the newsletter it’s possible to offer the most loyal or new subscribers preview discounts or early purchase windows, another move that would make users feel very special, precisely because an ad hoc communication is dedicated to them.

You can send a newsletter a few days before the start with a countdown, thus creating a sense of urgency and raising the hype towards your shop. Always remember to insert a CTA in the text that redirects the consumer to an e-commerce landing page dedicated to the promo.

In addition, the mailing list of your users must be adequately updated before the start of this period, based on new trends and the most recent target profiles.

Social networks

At this stage, you certainly cannot forget about social media! There you find the target users with your business and you can reach them by communicating your initiatives for the period.

Social shopping is a trend of recent years to which our users are now accustomed, if it is also for you do not let it get away. Interaction is a winning weapon: focus on quizzes, question boxes, give away to generate likes, impressions with your page, always trying to make each user feel special.

Use the right hashtags, researching and using the best keywords. The web is now populated with tools that can help you with this too, Hashtagify, for example, has identified some keywords related to “Black Friday”:

You could just start here!

When developing your campaign, choose visuals, claims, payoffs and graphics that are unique and recognizable in the eyes of the target and consistent with the company. You can give space to your imagination by creating posts, stories and videos that communicate discounts and offers. Based on your core business, you could also consider hiring influencers to reach a greater selected audience and / or to create more visibility for your products or services.

Take advantage of the power of advertisements: plan your ads well bearing in mind that in this period of strong competition, auctions increase and consequently it would be better to invest a higher budget to be visible online.

Ready, set… Go!

Now that you have all the tools in your hands to plan the strategy for the most discounted week of the year. All you have to do is implement the best choices for your brand and prepare yourself for a period of fire, which will also give you a lot of satisfaction.

Ready? Black Friday begins!