Ready to go?

The platform typical of Generation Z, just four years after its first launch, today has about 1 billion active users every month in the world, equal to 14% of the world population.

Marketing on Tik Tok is therefore a frontier in continuous evolution and exploration.

This social network provides tools for creating creative content, mostly short and lasting about 15 seconds, different from other social media.

Thus it promotes an unprecedented sense of community and a strong spirit of aggregation of clusters of users united by the most disparate passions.

Although in some markets, such as Asia, it’s gradually reaching its saturation stage, there’s a lot of room for companies willing to do marketing, especially considering that most users are between 16 and 24 years old.

So, if this is your target, by now, you really can’t do without Tik Tok anymore and in this article we will also explain why!

Case Study

You too will have come across promotional videos of influencers struggling with new products of more or less known brands.

The nice thing about this type of content is that they allow users to view the benefits, yield and general quality of the products offered in a few seconds.

Furthermore, the confidential and direct tone makes them credible thanks to a sort of peer effect, and the immediate feedback mechanism generates enthusiasm and, as we ‘ll see, a boom in purchases!

Just think of Maybelline’s Sky High mascara, perpetually sold out thanks to the depopulated videos on Tik Tok. This cosmetic owes its fame to word of mouth that has arisen, without the use of other traditional marketing levers.

Again, super-opaque foundations, hair curlers, products for the skin care routine (and here we cannot fail to mention the hype that the products of the Korean cosmetic house Yepoda have received) and much more.

Beauty products are certainly the most interesting category, but also other products thanks to Tik Tok are able to obtain high visibility and user engagement, such as electronics products, for the home and much more.

To do list marketing edition

Now let’s see the steps to follow to start the online business:

1. Create an editorial plan
Think about the topics you want to talk about and how to make them happen. He then prepares an editorial plan of content that is consistent and relevant to the interests of the target, as well as to the company’s core values ​​and core businesses. Also remember to enter publication days and times.

2. Identify the most suitable hashtags
Don’t forget to search and enter the hashtags specifically for the type of video. Thanks to these you can really reach the right audience for your business and be found immediately by users who are looking for the content you create.

3. Organize a challenge
Tik Tok is the social network that offers a very intense sense of togetherness, so it will be vital that in your channel there are also videos inspired by the challenges that users are so passionate about.

4. Identify trends
There is no TikTok without trends! So look for the hottest ones of the moment and use them in your videos. There are many different types, from musical trends to ballets, or spoken audio or even jokes and funny scenes.

5. Enable collaborations with influencers
The famous of this platform do not call themselves influencers, but tiktokers. There are so many, with high numbers of followers and interactions. You could then evaluate some profiles in line with your core business and start a #collab.

Not everything that shines is made of gold!

It should be noted that even if the application at first glance appears to be very intuitive, it’s not. The vastness of tools, tricks, effects to be used for the production of content is not so immediate, as for Instagram and Facebook.

The production and post-production part, therefore, takes on particular importance.

An Influencer can be an excellent way to achieve virality in a short time, precisely because it is now an expert in this sector and in particular in how videos are created and edited for this social network.

The Tik Tok algorithm works in such a way as to “reward” the most interactive and engaging content, so make sure you think carefully about the entire digital marketing strategy to offer content designed for your target.


Another method to get the attention of users is through sponsored content (which we have also talked about in this article), available in 5 formats:

In-feed content (native ads): appear within the feed, designed to capture all the customer’s attention, in full screen and with audio activated.

Hashtag challenge: they allow you to stimulate cultural trends and movements, involving the entire community in participatory challenges.

Branded effect: stimulate interactions with fun games, stickers, filters and special effects that can be customized according to the brand.

Top-view video: The first video users see when they open the app is TikTok’s largest billboard.

Furthermore, as with all online campaigns, it is very important to measure the engagement of content. The analysis of this KPI is obtained with the following formula:

[(number of likes + number of comments) / number of followers] x 100

In the end

If your brand doesn’t have young people as its main target, marketing on TikTok might seem irrelevant or even useless, but that’s not necessarily the case.

The social network is growing very rapidly and analyzing today’s audience allows us to better understand how the market will evolve in the coming years, given the fact that in the near future it will be Gen Z that will have the greatest purchasing power, so follow our #happytips: start immediately to analyze and study the logic to be ready and present here too.