New tests for our friend Instagram! After the open war of updates with TikTok, a new enemy arrives to face: BeReal.
This is what the “Glimpse” function is for, stories that capture photos and videos with both cameras, but which can only be seen by those who have uploaded other similar shots.


Verified accounts have so far been marked simply by a blue dot. After the recent problems related to the blue check, Elon Musk has started a new change. The badges to differentiate verified profiles are coming soon.
The aim is to clarify and avoid problems due to the illegitimate impersonation of celebrities or brands.
The ticks will be:

  • blue for celebrities and well-known personalities
  • gray for government authorities
  • gold for companies


Youtube launched Primetime Channels, a paid section that contains all the contents of 35 streaming platforms in the same space.
The differences from a regular YouTube video are that it won’t show the view count and there will be a green button that says “Watch Now” if you have a subscription, or “Pay to Watch”.


After China, Tik Tok has also officially started testing its e-commerce section in the USA, which will allow you to purchase products directly in-app.
Social media has now become an important showcase for all brands that are aimed above all at generation Z, the undisputed master. In China, there was a 300% increase in sales compared to the previous year, with over 10 billion products purchased by users. For this reason it was decided to expand the function to other markets including the American one.


Problems return to Meta for the management of personal data. Ireland has decreed a fine of 265 million euros for failure to comply with European rules on the protection of personal data of Facebook users.
The authorities reiterated the need to regulate the use of information in compliance with the regulations in force on our continent with the aim of protecting the privacy and safety of people.