Every year Interbrand, the worldwide brand consultancy leader, and IAA Italy (International Advertising Association), the most relevant international community of marketing and communication leaders, analyze the new generation brands identifying the actors able to attract capitals, people and economic goals..

For 2022, the 15 brands chosen are: Bending Spoons, Cortilia, Freeda, illimity, Manebí, Miscusi, Musixmatch, NeN, Poke House, Progetto Quid, Satispay, Talent Garden, Tannico, Velasca e WeRoad.

Have you noticed anything? These include two of our happy clients: Cortilia and Talent Garden! Let’s find out together who they are.

Talent Garden

Talent Garden (TAG), founded in Italy in 2011, is Europe’s leading digital education operator and has Europe’s largest community of innovators in the tech ecosystem. It offers a combination of creative coworking campuses, an Innovation School and events dedicated to innovation.

Talent Garden’s mission is “to accompany the growth of people and organizations by creating educational and networking opportunities in the digital ecosystem.”

Hosting more than 4,500 innovators within the campus network, it is a true physical network of digital innovators that helps connect talent in an area by providing them with all the tools and services they need so that they can “get to know each other, contaminate each other and accelerate the development of new projects.”

It has received numerous recognitions such as “the best coworking space” from several European countries including Denmark already in 2018.

Our collaboration with Talent Garden started several years ago, we take care of turning their ideas, courses and events into digital projects that take shape and develop concretely.


Cortilia was founded in 2011 as a platform to make a selection of fruits and vegetables available to customers in Milan. Today it is a B-Corp certified company and is the first online farmers marketplace to connect consumers with farmers, breeders and artisanal producers. Their service is active in more than 800 Italian municipalities.

Their mission is to connect conscious consumers and sustainable producers through efficient service in a system that respects people and the planet. The company places great emphasis on developing sustainable innovation practices and processes, controlling the environmental impact of supply chain processes, workplace inclusiveness, and professional growth.

Cortilia had also been awarded the Good Chicken Award, precisely because it stood out for the living conditions guaranteed to the animals in its supply chains. It is the first Italian company operating in online distribution to win this award.

The strong innovative spirit of this Milan-based company allowed it to be elected among the top 10 best Italian startups in 2020 and 2021. In addition to receiving B-Corp certification, Cortilia’s work was also recognized by Codacons “Amico del Consumatore” Award 2022, which awarded entities and companies that have implemented practices to reduce emissions. In fact, according to the study, buying products through Cortilia’s e-commerce implies a 37% reduction in environmental impact compared to spending in traditional channels.

We have been their digital partner since the beginning and every day we support them in developing new IT ideas and activities.

Establishing a brand in a context such as the Italian one, characterized by many successful companies, requires “vision, quality, dedication, commitment and, today more than ever, a meaningful and sincere relationship with the consumer,” comments Marianna Ghirlanda, President for Italy of IAA, confident that many other companies can take inspiration from those elected this year.

We at Happy Brain are proud to have participated, through our work, in the success of these two companies.