Right on time like a clock, here we are to tell you about all the Web Trends for this 2023.
Did you know that a website has an average lifespan of a couple of years?
Maybe it’s time for a redesign, so let’s find out together what your site will need to look like to keep up with the times!

Towards the future… or not?

In 2022, voice shopping has approached $40 billion so you will need to make sure your content is optimized for voice search.

Not only that, as the Metaverse spreads, users will become more and more accustomed to virtual reality online spaces and the design style will have to take this into account. If you’re wondering how to do this, the answer is simple. More and more layouts are opting for an all-encompassing 3D approach.
Illustrations, backgrounds, text, and even sliders gain their own dimension on the page.

Another technology trend will involve notifications. This year more and more sites have already incorporated alerts into apps or browsers to connect with users. So we expect more creative and interactive uses soon!

However, alongside these hyper futuristic elements, this year we should expect a jump to the past… Welcome back to the 80’s. Indeed, super pop graphics, color and typography will be back in vogue. It seems that the culprit is Leandro Assis, a Brazilian artist, super appreciated by brands such as Nike and Amazon.
But that’s not all! Following this line we have to prepare ourselves for fluorescent colors, glitch design, pixelated images.

Not just Videos

Videos have long been a key piece of content for increasing the impact of web layouts. The need for interaction and movement will, it seems, result in a new small revolution. Images will have to give way to GIFs and illustrations.

The wow effect will be achieved by animations, with strictly unconventional scrolling experiences.

Colors and shapes

And what can we say about colors?
You already know that Pantone has voted Viva Magenta color of the year, but on the web what will happen?
It seems that this is the year of contradictions because, according to trend analysts we will see:

  • Monochromatic designs with alternating white and dark spaces to highlight content
  • New color schemes, based on gradients (and if you need a hand this is the perfect site)
  • Bold colors with bold typography

Abstract shapes are also returning strongly, which will be used by designers to attract users’ attention.
Remember to customize your cursor as well, it looks like it will be a must in 2023.

Speed and accessibility

The watchword for development will be inclusiveness.
In fact, websites will have to take into account certain aspects to make it easier for everyone to use, with increased accessibility criteria.

If you use WordPress there are several extensions to help you achieve this goal, so you might consider improving your site right away.

As from 2019, graphic design is mobile first, but now it’s official!
Even Google has announced that it will consider a smartphone version by default. That means you’ll have to make sure your site is really super optimized.

While you’re at it, you should also check Page Speed. The faster your content loads the more chances you have that your user won’t bounce off your web page.