iOS 14… I hate you!

As we have already mentioned in this article, the world of marketers has been challenged by the release of the new iOS 14 update.
With this new operating system, in fact, users can limit the tracking of their online behavior, blocking the tracking by Meta and Google.
As of September 2021, only 30% of Italian users had authorized data tracking.

Up and down on Meta

Small review!

The conversion rate calculates the average number of conversions generated by interaction with that ad: thus indicating how many times a user accomplishes the goal for which the sponsored post was created.

Before the advent of iOS 14, the average conversion rate on Meta among all sectors was 9.21%. On the other hand, the one related to sales was around 1-2%.
In the first place was the fitness industry, with an average rate of 14.29%.

Now, however, the numbers change. The average value is lower because the estimate is 9.11%. While there are many industries above 10%, the average is lowered by industries such as Hobbies & Leisure or News (2.15 percent).

However, it is very likely that many of these advertisers are not trying to get users to convert immediately, but to change their conversion path or get them to take offline action after reading an article.

This means that your campaigns will have a lower return because the cost on average per click from €1.50 has gone to €1.68 and the cost per action from €17.39 has gone to €18.45 😰

If you want to review last year’s values, you can read this article.

Let’s go with Search on Google Ads

The average conversion rate for Google ads across all sectors is 3.75% for network search and 0.77% for display.
So it seems that for search there has been a slight increase, but on display instead there is a decline. It is known, however, that display advertisers need to pay more attention to placements and audience optimization!

While the financial and insurance sectors used to lead the rankings, the latest updated data show that the Dating & Personal sector is now in the lead, with search conversion rates averaging more than 9%.

So make sure your campaigns meet a CPC (cost per click) of € 0,59 and a CPA (cost per action) of € 70,79.

Check your campaigns!

What we have listed are benchmarks you can use to evaluate the status of your campaigns on Google and Meta against your competitors.

If the data are lower, then great job! You are really getting the most out of your ads.

If not, try making some changes. For example change visuals and ad copy, optimize your target audience, try some discount code promotions or offer perks to your audience.