Welcome to 2023 and to a flood of news from the digital world!
The watchword is: trust. This will be the year in which social strategies will in fact be built on the role of consumers with the goal of increasing trust in brands.

But let’s not get lost in chatter, we have numerous trends to talk about!

1# Goodbye Cookies

2023 will mark the end of third-party cookies… maybe.
Google has postponed removal until 2024 to test new techniques for consumer privacy.

70% of advertisers believe that digital advertising as a whole will take a step back because of their removal. If you want to find out about viable alternatives to tracking we have covered the topic in this

#2 Fake news

Not everything we find on the Internet is real.
Consumers need to be able to believe and trust what they read and see on the Internet and social media.

The year 2023 will be the breaking point, characterized by an increased demand for integrity and authenticity to which brands and social media channels will have to adapt if they are not to risk facing a breaking point in the near future.


Use a content strategy that includes educating your audience about
how your brand protects personal information;
Leverage automated social listening alerts to flag crises and false information about your brand.

#3 Social media become multi-sensory

We are moving closer and closer to the so-called “internet of the senses”, which incorporates technology to create digital sensory experiences.

The trend will be to have a true multichannel and multiformat approach not only to stimulate consumers in new and interactive ways, but also to create a more accessible experience.
Companies will therefore invest further in introducing new tools from gamification to fully immersive digital malls.


Connect in new and personalized ways with your audience: for example, given the rise of audio-only platforms and podcasts, aim for voice- or sound-driven content.

#4 The rise and fall of Social Commerce

The potential for growth is enormous! The post-pandemic period has marked the great expansion of social e-commerce, and consumers are increasingly inclined to use new channels for shopping.

For you, too, there will definitely be room to expand social selling capabilities in 2023: the presence of influencers and micro-influencers can allow you extreme flexibility and relevance to the products you sell on the platforms. So watch out for all the possibilities offered by social in the new year: product catalogs, offers, storefronts will give you visibility that you can hardly replicate for your business.


If your audience is on platforms where social selling is a priority (Pinterest, Whatsapp, Youtube), use social listening to assess your users buying trends and create customized campaigns and offers.

#5 Environment, it’s time for action

There is a genuine concern about humanity’s impact on our planet. About 82% of consumers would like to see profit take notice with concrete actions.

If 2022 was a wake-up call, 2023 will be the year when the world will take action. Disruptive brands focused on sustainability will prevail.


Your brand will need to communicate strong credibility and explicit sustainability values. To prepare for a social responsibility campaign on social media, create an FAQ document that community managers can refer to. Knowing how and when to respond will make your audience feel heard and answer their questions.

#6 More space to Customer experience

Time is precious and no one wants to waste it, not even when it comes to brand interactions: the consumer today wants things right away.

Instead of focusing on speed, it is time to focus on the customer experience: providing assistance or solutions as quickly as possible is the answer, especially through social media and one-to-one interactions.

In 2023, many brands are expected to create dedicated channels for this purpose on social media, enabling fast and efficient response regardless of the platform consumers use to get in touch.

#7 Buyer personas? No, thanks

The post-pandemic period has returned a consumer so rapid and changeable in interactions that the concept of buyer personas has been disrupted. Creating an “ideal” customer profile is no longer enough. It is now necessary to analyze the ecosystem around them and create a loyal community.
The goal is to cultivate one’s circle, provide a space for shared discussion, and generate authentic connections and content driven precisely by consumers.

What about the Metaverse?

The Metaverse is the trend that everyone wants to be a part of.
But before you approach it, ask yourself: is this the right space for my brand right now? What would be its main use? Do I have the resources for long-term involvement?

The biggest challenge will be to find ways to add value to this platform and not just get into it because everyone else is doing it.

So… what does the consumer want?

Every action you take in 2023 will need to take this important question into account. Take it into account in your social media initiatives, in your ads and in general in every communication and promotion you are going to plan.
The time has come to listen more, work better and take stronger action. Put the consumer first and prioritize their needs, only then will you achieve success!