What determines a consumer’s choice to buy your product among all the competition? Well, the packaging and the way the item is presented can help make the difference!

Literally, packaging is nothing more than the wrapper. It is one of the first elements of contact with your consumer, especially in physical stores, and has a strong communicative power. That’s why all brands pay as much attention to the design details of the product as they do to those of the packaging, which usually collects these key touchpoints:

  • logo
  • product name
  • payoff
  • product property labels
  • brand message

Packaging therefore serves not only to protect the product, but is responsible for presenting it and making it recognizable to your audience, attracting their attention and communicating your values.

What elements should you enhance?

Each product has specific features that require specific packaging. Now let’s try to help you understand all the must-haves!

The eye, as always, wants its share. Aesthetic appearance is, without a shadow of a doubt, the first element to be noticed by the consumer.
Therefore, elements such as shapes, colors and graphics come into play to enhance the product and attract the public’s attention.
Are you looking for inspiration? Then we suggest you start with Pinterest.

Good packaging must meet the requirements of versatility and durability. The quality of the material used to make it is another crucial aspect.
If your products are subject to shipping, don’t forget fundamental elements such as lightness, simplicity of opening, as well as ease of transport.

If you operate in the food industry, pay attention to regulations, which especially in Italy are articulated and subject to strict controls. There are three main points to keep in mind for food packaging:

  • it must not contain parts that can cause damage to health;
  • it must not modify or affect in any way the composition of the food product contained within them;
  • the packaging material must not deteriorate the organoleptic characteristics in any way.

In this case, therefore, the packaging is synonymous with hygiene and quality, such as to ensure the proper preservation of the product.

Consumers are increasingly accustomed to carefully reading the technical data of various items before purchasing them, so much so that the descriptive label has in recent years become one of the most significant aspects in the Packaging of a product.

NB. In some sectors, especially cosmetics and food, applying wording such as Made in italy, Organic, Cruelty-Free, instinctively associates the item with a number of positive qualities.

Respect for the environment is a growing trend, especially in 2023 (we also discussed it in this article), and it is beginning to have a significant impact on consumers’ purchasing choices.

For this reason, it is important to take into account the growing consumer focus on sustainability. The company’s philosophy must be communicated consistently: if your company conveys values of environmental sustainability, it is good to reflect those values also in the choice of packaging and make packages that are, for example, biodegradable, environmentally friendly, and/or recyclable.

Don't forget!

Another element that can help you in creating a good Packaging is customization. A customized Packaging helps to build customer loyalty, a sometimes complex task especially for those who sell exclusively online.
There are plenty of brands that allow you to add names, photos or other elements that can make the item truly unique and personal!

p.s. In this case, Remember to update the conditions of return. For products of this type, in fact, the legislation provides for non-return, allowing the return only in case of defect or damaged item!