An immersive experience

Augmented reality has become, especially during the pandemic, an emerging trend (discover all the trends of 2023) that in the coming years could take over and revolutionize the online and offline shopping we are used to.

That’s why, if you have a business or an e-commerce business, you can’t afford not to know about augmented reality!

This is a technology that allows you to combine real and virtual elements in an interactive way. Together with virtual reality, it constitutes what is called immersive reality, and there are many brands that are beginning to include it in their strategies.

One example? L’Orèal allows you to try on different shades of lipstick with a filter. IKEA, which with the Ikea Place App allows you to see how products would look from the brand inside your home, complete with your choice of fabrics and materials.

What about virtual reality?

Understanding the difference is easier than you think.
AR is a set of technologies, hardware and software that, with artificial intelligence, insert three-dimensional digital objects into the reality in which we live.

It differs from virtual reality (VR or Virtual Reality), which instead creates a real new parallel world, AR amplifies the environment in real time by integrating digital content.

In recent years, augmented reality has made such great strides that it is capable of generating tactile, olfactory and auditory sensations.

One example? Snapchat was the first social to integrate AR by superimposing effects and animations on its image.

Why integrate it into your strategy? Here are 6 good reasons!

Arguably, the main advantage of augmented reality is that it offers customers the chance to try your products directly on themselves without necessarily visiting a physical store.

Think about the products you can buy online that are harder to imagine in reality: sunglasses, clothes and even furniture… Here are our good reasons to integrate it into your strategy!

  • you can easily attract the attention of potential customers by increasing interactivity between brand and consumer;
  • it is a promotional medium that gives access to large amounts of information in an engaging way;
  • you can provide for integration sites, apps, banner ad of display campaigns, Facebook Messenger bots, social media etc.;you can use it both B2C and B2B, to the consumer and/or to businesses;
  • it allows you to improve targeting through greater care in personalizing communication;
  • allows you to offer greater consumer focus and improve reach by expanding your customer base.

Giving your business customers a new way of the shopping experience, fully adapted to their needs and desires, could really be the key to getting your business off the ground.