Mark Zuckerberg has formalized the launch of the “Verified Meta“, the paid blue checks through a subscription at a cost of $ 11.99 per month on the web and $ 14.99 on mobile devices. In order to access the program, you must be at least 18 years old and submit an ID that matches the name and photo used on Facebook or Instagram. Meta has already stated that it will not make any changes to accounts that have been previously verified and that, for now, companies will not be able to request the badge, although they don’t rule out future changes.


Lots of news for Instagram which confirms the launch of various tests for new functions.
Among these is the much sought-after bar for searching users in stories with which you can find who has viewed the story.

Another important news is the future introduction of the lead form, a section for companies and creators that allows you to collect contacts through short-answer questions. It’ll help decrease the requests received in DM and will offer more efficiency to online shops.

Finally, Adam Mosseri announced the launch of channels called “Broadcast Channels“: creators will be able to share messages and content to their community and interact with followers in a more direct way than stories.


Though the TikTok feed is highly personalized and quite compelling, many complain that the content becomes stale as it doesn’t add enough variety after some time. For this reason, the social network is testing the “refresh” function that allows the user to reset the “For you” section.
With the new refresh button, which will be available in their account settings, users will be able to force the app to bring “new and diverse content not based on previous activity or interaction” to their For You feed.


The Whatsapp test to introduce the transcription of voice messages into text messages is in the beta phase. From the first rumors it’s clear that the system will only work on the device to guarantee the right privacy and for the moment it will be available with one language at a time. Currently there are still some imperfections due to the preliminary version of the option and less than optimal audio quality. We await further developments to understand the effectiveness and public disclosure of this novelty.


If you’ve never heard this name, don’t be surprised, it’s in fact the new social network created by the founders of IG. Artifact consists of a personalized feed with articles proposed through machine learning to understand the interests of users, and which will soon allow you to discuss the news on the platform with your friends. The social network has already been defined as the TikTok for texts, but it certainly also takes its cue from Twitter and Google Reader.
The name comes from the combination of the terms “Artificial Intelligence” and “facts”, so as to make it immediately clear what the platform is about. The social network has a minimal appearance with a Feed of popular articles chosen from the best-known newspapers, such as the New York Times, and small blogs dealing with niche topics. By reading the articles of interest to them, users allow the app to understand which topics are preferred so as to activate the algorithm which will then propose similar contents, a bit like the “For you” section of TikTok.