Spring brings with it the first warm days, many colors and certainly also many news from the digital world! Here are the main ones, enjoy reading.


How are sad stories and reels without music true?
We all know by now: hundreds of songs have disappeared from the Instagram and Facebook music catalog. The reason is the non-renewal of the agreement between Meta and the SIAE that involved the removal of the songs whose rights are held by the label.
There is perhaps hope! Some tracks have been introduced again recently, a sign of a new agreement with other companies, perhaps Soundreef. Stay tuned!


Gen Z’s favorite social network has introduced a new feature to limit app usage. An automatic timer of 60 minutes per day is available for registered minors. To turn off the alert and continue using the platform you will need to manually enter a code. The management of the elapsed time and the setting of this novelty will be available in the screen screen time management.


New collaborative articles will soon be published: they’ll initially be the work of artificial intelligence but in the future they’ll be integrated with interventions and considerations of professionals in the sector.
This mode of joint creation could be the key to greater engagement by users.
LinkedIn has also decided to use AI to improve the profile of members, an extra help to complete it better and to insert job descriptions!


Google confirms that the basic algorithm update is being launched in March 2023 and that it’ll be multimodal, that is, it’ll be able to operate within text, video, images and sound.
Google wants to reach Microsoft (which in this field is more developed) by integrating a competing technology in its search engine and inserting the AI in more products, such as Google Lens and Google Maps, through an approach of assistance to the person for small businesses.


The best-known bird on the web has lost half its value after being acquired by Elon Musk. To make it known is the billionaire who now values the social only 20 billion, compared to 44 he paid about 6 months ago. Among the criticisms raised above all there’s the acceptance of previously banned users, triggering the accusation of having reduced security levels. For this reason also many advertisers have abandoned the social network.


The live streaming platform owned by Amazon is proving to be the bar of the future. It has established itself as a perfect place to tell the best of the world of sport, especially football. The creators start live coverage during matches to tell what happens, analyze game strategies and react together with their viewers to the events on the field. All with a fast and cool style that now works much better than the one used on tv.